Galapagos Fishing Catch & Release

Galapagos Fishing Catch & Release in Galapagos Islands, the enchanted islands are much known around the World for it´s marvelous flora and fauna, due to different kinds of currents crossing by this archipelago; in fact, in the Far East Pacific, oceanic currents collide, causing massive upwelling of plankton.

It became to Galapagos islands one of the best places on Earth for fishing activities A Tournament was held in the Galapagos a year ago, 17 boats fished during 4 days, this tournament was sponsored by the Salinas Yacht Club, there were 1500 recorded bites and 507 Marlins, caught and released unharmed, this has never happened in angling history.

Galapagos Islands offer the hottest Marlin fishing on the planet Earth.

This is strictly catch and release, no take, fishery, due to sensitive environmental concerns of Galapagos; this shows dedication of “BLUE” crew to return unharmed to the ocean all billfish caught.

Only circle hooks in natural baits to insure no injury to fish, no stainless steel hooks, only steel which corrodes in short period of time in seawater, there are several fishing spot around San Cristobal Island; this is the place where our operation is concentrated.

All fishes are resuscitated prior to release by trained crew. All this adds up to concern and respect for Galapagos National Park efforts to conserve the billfish of this lost paradise and to contribute to the survival of the species.

Our crew used to be dedicated to fishing activities but thanks to this new option now they are involved in vivencial fishing only that helps to the conservation of Galapagos.


  • Fighting chair
  • 30 and 50 lb shimano tiagras, with custom 50 and 30 lb.
  • Stand up rods, fly rod.
  • Outriggers holders
  • Bait switch and pitch baiting a specialty.
  • State of the art electronics and all safety equipment.
  • Fisherman is welcome with their own tackle.


  • The Galapagos blue water provides a nonstop action
  • This is a year round fishery, limited only by weather conditions,
  • June thru December, cool and blustery, fishing slows a little but the Stripeys are much larger, 300LBS+, world record size.
  • December thru June, little wind, average 15 bites a day, released 27.

These fish are tough, they pull as hard as any Tuna, plus the aerial displays are beyond description, not too long ago we had one Stripey, jump 42 times.

What to look for?

Primarily big Striped Marlin (300LBS+, world record size) few BLACK MARLINS, WAHOO AND TUNAS.

L/P  Lancha Tesoro Technical Specifications
Model: Allmand Convertible
LOA: 33ft / 10m
Beam: 9.40 ft / 3m
Generator: 10 TRB
Engines: 2EF SUSUKY  Out Boards 300hp/2 hydraulic Brackets
Navigation Equipment: Furuno GPS – Fish Finder – VHF radio – EPIRB
Capacity: 10 persons


Rates Include:                                                         

Captain / Crew                                        
Towels service                                         
Beverages (sodas – water)                  
Box lunch                                                 
Basic fishing Equipment                         
Travel Insurance                                     
 Rates Do Not Include:

 Galapagos National Park entrance fee: $100.00 USD per person
 Migratory Control Card: $20.00 USD per person
 Land transportation
 Snorkeling equipment
 Breakfast and dinner
 Airline Tickets
 Tips / personal expenses