We have selected Galapagos Cruises, Yachts and Sailboats of the highest quality, security, and comfort so that your stay on these vessels is nothing but, spectacular during your visit to the marvelous Galapagos Islands. Our Galapagos Cruises are divided into distinct categories to make your selection easier and healthier for your pockets.

The categories are: Deluxe Galapagos Yachts, First Class Galapagos Yachts, Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Yachts, and Tourist and Economy Class Galapagos Yachts.

Some more Information about Galapagos Cruises:

Please be aware that all Galapagos Cruises start with a morning flight from Quito or Guayaquil on the first day, and end with a return flight around noon on the last. All Galapagos Cruise boats must meet international safety standards, and higher class yachts usually have the best safety equipment.

Luxury, First Class, and Tourist Superior Class Galapagos cruises all provide double cabins, air-conditioning, private bathrooms with hot water, and these yachts will have sun decks and ample rest areas. Tourist superior yachts will have level II or level III bilingual naturalist guides, and First Class and Luxury yachts usually have level III bilingual naturalist guides (University degree or higher). These boats also have the highest standards of service, onboard amenities, and safety, and are recommeneded for those who are searching for a very comfortable experience during their Galapagos vacation.

Tourist and Economic Class Galapagos Cruises are usually smaller, a little less spacious, and some have cabins with shared bathrooms. However, it is important to remember that the wildlife and incredible scenery of the Galapagos is the same no matter what class of boat you choose! Tourist and Economic class Galapagos cruises are a good choice for people traveling on a budget, and the smaller boats are also sometimes prefereable for travelers who prefer a more intimate setting, such as traveling couples or families. Please note that with these boats it is necessary make arrangements for special dietary needs or preferences before the start of the cruise.