Ecuador Volcanoes, a short list of must see volcanoes in Galapagos & Ecuador Travelers come daily to the country to climb or  hike along Ecuador Volcanoes. The beauty of the country is largely due to the Andean mountian chain it hosts.  Ecuador and Galapagos Islands have 27 potentially active volcanoes. Most of these are continental: Cayambe,

Ecuador Food & Delicacies: Top 7 Ecuadorian Food Dishes Ecuadorian Food is known for its versatile culinary pattern that differs from highlands to the coastal regions. From dishes prepared with potatoes, beans, herbs in the sierra cities to seafood and spices with coconut milk near coastal areas, you will soon find

Snorkeling and Diving Day Trip One of the most sought after sites in Galapagos, Kicker Rock, also known as León Dormido, is the remains of a volcanic cone, eroded by the sea across hundredths of years. It is the eroded cone of an extinct volcano in the shape of a