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Trekking Ecuador is one of our most complete sections, offering bites of culture, and history of various spots around Ecuador. Our trekking tours in Ecuador can be from 1 to 4 days, visiting the natural landscapes of the Andes.

After an ancestral connection through the ancient Inca roads we will follow our route observing the majestic mountains that decorate the Andes Mountain Range. We have carefully designed genuine and thorough Ecuador Trekking Tours, with varied and complete itineraries to suit the preferences and budgets of all our travelers. Take a look at them!

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Quilotoa Loop Tour
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Quilotoa Loop Tour | Thursday & Sunday

We will start the day driving 89 km south from Quito through the Panamericana Hwy. aka “The Avenue of the Volcanoes”. The first spot will be Latacunga City at Cotopaxi Province.
Thursday & Sunday