New Requirements to Enter Galapagos Islands | 2017 Update
Requirements to Enter Galapagos head

Hey traveler! June 2017 brings new regulations to all Galapagos Islands visitors. These are the new requirements to enter Galapagos Island as set by the Special Government of the Galápagos Regime.

Starting June 5th, the Special Government of the Galapagos Regime requests the following requirements to enter Galapagos (check the infographic bellow). So, make sure you are up to date with all of these when departing to Galapagos.  


Requirements to enter galapagos


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Toby Eisenberg
December 21, 2018
Can I buy an extra permit to go to the Galapagos? I am going on a cruise and need one extra permit.
December 26, 2018
Hi Toby, If you wish to travel to the Enchanted Islands, you only need to present your round trip ticket + the vouchers for the chosen cruise/tour and pay the corresponding taxes at the mainland airports.

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