About us: Nature Galapagos Travel Agency and Tour Operator

Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia Ltda is a Local Galapagos Tour Operator officially founded in 2006 by Nikolay Mancheno, an enthusiast traveler and passionate for his country, with more than 20 years of  practice in crafting travel experiences in Ecuador. Nikolay iniciated in tourism activities guiding family friends when visiting Ecuador as a teenager. Since then, he became deeply involved in Ecuador as a destination and as a traveler himself. After working with several travel companies leading travel in Galapagos, he went solo and founded Nature Galapagos & Ecuador, an agency deeply involved with the local living in Galapagos, specialized in land tours. Just like Nikolay, the Nature Galapagos & Ecuador staff is equally passionate for travel as you. We feel experts in Ecuador and Galapagos simply because we are in love with our country. We understand the basic concept of traveling, we deliver authentic services to our travelers, enriching our experiences with local involvement with the community. Nature Galapagos is legally recognized by the authorities of Ecuador including the Ministry of Tourism and the Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha, official organizations regulating tourism activities in our country. We also work with worldwide travel platforms like Viator, Tours for Fun and others.


We seek to deliver unique and authentic travel experiences in Ecuador and Galapagos Islands. We are passionate about our country and are aware that only through conscious tourism practices, traveling becomes a life-changing experience. Following this this precept, we work hard in crafting authentic trips for our travelers, with sustainable, dynamic and involving activities in our amazing country.


As a local Galapagos Travel Agency and local tour operator we design  interesting, comfortable and affordable ways to visit and experience the magic of the Galapagos Islands and the mainland Ecuador. Most of our tours and programs are presented as standard itineraries which can be modified and personalized to fit our traveler’s preferences and interests. You may check the standard trips online and contact one of our travel experts to develop a tailor made trip. Choose the visiting spots (within the regional regulations), guidance language, accommodation type,physical activity level, type of expereince  for your trip.

Nature Galapagos & Ecuador is OWNER of San Vicente Galapagos Hotel (Tourist – T. Superior Class) & La Laguna Galapagos Hotel (Tourist Superior), both located in Isabela Island, head to all of our Galapagos operations. We also own appropriate transportation means and specialized equipment to carry out varied modalities for Galapagos Land Tours led by naturalist bilingual guides and our staff.

OUR GALAPAGOS AND ECUADOR TRIPS We are well aware that every traveler in in seek of a certaint type of travel experience in Galapagos. Our Galapagos Land Tours allow travelers to focus in different activities and day trips.

Our Classic Galapagos Island Hopping Tours are soft soft adventure itineraries designed to take you through unique environments hopping from island to island. You will be sleeping and eating in local hotels and restaurants on each island while daily guided excursions take place. Our programs can begin every day to fit your schedule and hotel accommodations can range from Economy to First Class.

More specialized tours in Galapagos include our Galapagos Diving Experience (hotel-based) for licensed scuba divers and a Discovery Diving Program for beginners. Another of our travel specialties, Galapagos Adventure Tours is thought for active and adventuresome travelers and include activities such as biking, longer hikes, kayaks and snorkeling.

For a more luxurious Galapagos experience, you may check out the Galapagos Cruise section featuing yachts and sailing ships carefully selected under quality, security and comfort standards. This section is divided into distinct categories: First Class, Superior Tourist Class, and Tourist and Economy Class.

Our Ecuador Amazon Tours offer incredible experiences with nature at its purest state. Lodges located in the Cuyabeno and Yasuni Reserves, daily walks to observe fauna and flora and unique encounters with local indigenous culture will profoundly inspire you.

Ecuador Tours and daily tours from Quito to Cotopaxi Volcano, Otavalo, Mindo, Papallacta, etc., and combined Highland Tours are also great options for exploring the Ecuadorian Mainland deeply. All these are fully customizable and combine perfectly with any of our Galapagos Programs. Nature Galapagos & Ecuador hopes that our tour proposals entice you to visit. We are happy to plan your adventure in Ecuador with creativity, responsibility, and above all passion. We are experts in creating unique and authentic experiences for travelers because, just like you, we are passioante travelers ourselves.


The NG&E Team Travel Agency – Tour Operator Galapagos & Ecuador

Make your dreams come true where nature becomes part of you

Meet Our Team:

Nikolay Mancheno (General Manager – Founder) Founder and General Manager at Nature Galapagos. Passionate for his country, with extensive knowledge in tourism activities in Ecuador. As a travel aficionado himself, he has explored Ecuador widely as well as Unites States, South America and Europe. He know firsthand what it is like be a foreigner trying to authentically travel a country. Having worked with Galapagos Operations for 20 years now, he is well aware of how tourism activities are done in the islands.    

Fernanda Paredes (Travel Agent – International Agencies): Fernanda is an Engineer in Tourism Administration and Management of Protected Areas. She is genuinely informed of the best practices to manage travel operations in Galapagos and Ecuador. She is the head trip planner for international and local agencies and hence also an avid traveler.

Christian Nieves (Travel Agent – International Agencies):   Graduted as Tourism Engineer, Christian is very pasionated for his job and has proved to be an asset to Nature Galapagos team. He belongs to the customer service department and likes to interact directly with passengers, trying to offer the most and best possibilities so that all our clients can achieve their life-time Galapagos trip. He will be very glad to assist you on scheduling your itinerary according to your needs.

Jessica Serrano (Accounts): The company accountant, she is a student of Finances and keep our company in track with the numbers.

Galapagos Operations Team:   Our Galapagos Operations team include our naturalist guides, hotel staff, logistics managers, hosts and drivers. They are in charge of carrying all operations in the islands and taking care of our travelers. Most of them are locals or almost locals, with a lot of knowledge on Galapagos wildlife and ecosystem as well as the local living costumes. Passionate for working with travelers all over the world, you will feel as part of the team shortly after arriving Galapagos.