Galapagos’ Nature is amazing. You’ll constantly feel you’re in paradise, where Earth is in its major expression and in its most natural state and underwater.  Nevertheless, Galapagos’ magic exceeds its land and continuous on and underwater. You won’t like to miss what’s happening there.  There’s a whole new world that

Gifts to take away from Ecuador Every journey deserves more than one way to be remembered, isn’t it? That’s why you’ll search for something that truly represents Ecuador to take home. Gifts the Ecuador Supporting the traditions and handmade craft made by locals is important to leave your mark where

A good recommendation can make you save time and get you more relaxed during your vacations. So we made a list of tips that will make your trip easier and get you well prepared, if it’s the first time you put your feet on Ecuador. Ecuador tourist essentials While you

Christian traditions sets Easter Week as a celebration where the crucifixion of Christ and His rising is commemorated. For some it’s a time for reflexion, while for others a moment for relaxation. No matter where you come from or what are your beliefs, you’re more than welcome to join the