7 perfect gifts to take from Ecuador

Gifts to take away from Ecuador

Every journey deserves more than one way to be remembered, isn’t it? That’s why you’ll search for something that truly represents Ecuador to take home. Gifts the Ecuador

Supporting the traditions and handmade craft made by locals is important to leave your mark where you go. Nothing better than take a little piece of land and love from the locals inside your luggage.

After all you may buy, the best present you can take home are your experiences. So keep your sight on the landscape and everything it has to give you.

All around the country you’ll find special fairs made for tourists. There you’ll find plenty of options to bring to your loving ones.

Keep this tip in mind: sellers are use to bargain. This can make your shopping ride cheaper.

Panama hat

The world’s most famous hat is the classic souvenir for every Ecuador visitor. It’s made from Jipijapa leaves, a variety of small palm tree that grows on the coast. You can find industrial craft or the handmade ones and its authentic model.

If you buy one, remember to take the wrapping as soon as you can. Otherwise, after three days it can lose its distinctive shape. Gifts the Ecuador

elegant panama hat
Panama hats have their origin in Ecuador

Although its name suggests another nationality, the hat has its own myths. It became famous by President Roosevelt in Panama during the construction of the canal, but was actually made in Ecuador.

Comfortable and breatheable, you can buy it just about everywhere: from small shops to large factories. They are a total art.


Known as the best from South America, there’s only truth in that statement. Not only because the cacao production is here, but also the crafters have a unique technique.

You’ll find many chocolate and coffee shops along the country that showcase the abilities to improve (even more) the piece of chocolate that you taste.

chocolate and coffee
Cacao fruit and butter

The local cacao production makes it particular. Using cocoa butter instead of the more economical vegetable oils, is one of the indicators of a higher end product. This gives creaminess and a stronger flavor. From ones with milk added, almonds and mint, the cacao concentration can rise until 100% and give you the real flavour of chocolate at its maximum. Give a chance to every variety and, definitely, take them home.

chocolate bars
Chocolate with a wide variety of cacao concentration

Don’t forget to grab a great amount of chocolate. It’s the best present you can bring and become the favourite one among your friends, for sure.

Don’t miss the chocolate tasting that some brands offer. This will give you the chance to find out what characterizes every bar of chocolate depending on where was the cacao tree from. The variances inside your mouth will make you crazy.

Many great manufacturers are available. But try out little producers, you’ll be surprised.

Buy a stack of bars and do a taste test when you get home. You’ll fly back to Ecuador in a blink of an eye. No matter how many bars you buy, they are never enough.


In the last few years, a couple of companies put their efforts into improving the process of producing coffee grains, and they really achieved it.

This will be something you’ll miss the most, as soon as you take off. No matter if you prefer ground or beans, nothing compares to its flavor. You’ll find many coffee shops to buy a few bags, and also try out the varieties before buying them. Don’t miss the opportunity of trying different brands and roasters to decide which are your favourites. Gifts the Ecuador

coffee seeds
Different roasts for every taste

Light, strong, with chocolate flavour or citric notes, there are plenty of options to choose from. You’ll feel the necessity to buy them all.

Alpaca wool

There’s nothing softer and warmer than alpaca wool. You’ll find it in hats, socks, blankets and ponchos shape. Also, if you enjoy to knit, take the chance to buy balls of wool.

Be aware that some products come from Peru or made of alpaca blended with sheep wool or a synthetic material. Gifts the Ecuador

Ecuadorian textile
A blanket to keep warm all year long

The blankets here are typically all handmade using traditional techniques from very experienced weavers. If you want to get someone (or yourself) a gift that will last for years, you should seriously consider buying one.


Brightly colored backpacks are very common here and the patterns loudly announce the South American culture. Often these are made from a combination of leather and sheep’s wool.

handmade backpacks
Those bright colors are irresistible

They are a really cool gift for students and adults also. They have a ton of character and are truly memorable.


Ecuador is known for handmade gold and silver jewelry. Often this is woven from fine wire (filigree) to great very ornate pieces, complete with colorful stones.

handmade necklace
A whole craft job

It’s amazing to watch how craftsmen work with fine strands of silver, working it into amazingly detailed masterpieces. If you have a picture or sketch of what you want, you can have them make it for you. Most of the shops here have little areas in the back where the silversmiths carefully and meticulously work away.

The typical ones, Gifts the Ecuador

Magnets or mugs are souvenirs that everybody like and, some even collect. There are never enough and will always remind you of the trip

Quite inexpensive, are suitable for adults and kids, and also for those who you didn’t plan to bring a present but you think will be nice.

mug with description of cities of Ecuador
Unforgettable memories in every sip


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