Galapagos Land Tours: Magic of Isabela

Our Magic of Isabela programs are part of our Galapagos Land Tours selection, this means they are multiday, hotel-based trips. These trips qualify as soft adventure and go for 4, 5, 6 and 8 days.

Depending on the length the trip chosen you may visit up to 3 islands: Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. These tours are focused on Isabela Island, the most beautiful of the habited Galapagos Islands. Like most of our land tours, you may chose the hotel class that fits your budget: Economy, Tourist, Tourist Superior or First Class hotels.

The cost of the tour comprises accommodation, guided excursion, 3 meals a day and equipment (as set in the itinerary). Activities during Magic of Isabela include guided activities such as snorkeling, moderate hiking, wildlife viewing and swimming. These tours are also customizable to your needs and preferences.

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Magic of Isabela

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8 Days | Galapagos Land Packages

Magic of Isabela 8-Day Tour. Visit: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela islands. Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking 
Visiting 3 Islands
Galapagos Tour Packages Trip
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6 Days | Galapagos Tour Packages

Magic of Isabela 6-Day Tour. Visit: Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands. Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking 
Visiting 2 Islands
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5 Days | Galapagos Island Hopping

Magic of Isabela 5-Day Tour. Visit: Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands. Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking 
Visiting 2 Islands
Galapagos Package
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4 Days | Galapagos Package | 2 Islands

Magic of Isabela 4-Day Tour. Visit: Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands. Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking on the incredible Galapagos Island
Visiting 2 Islands
Galapagos Land Based Tour Package
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4 Days | Galapagos Land Based Tour

Magic of Isabela 4-Day Tour. Visit: Isabela Island Only. Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking 
Visiting 1 Island

More info on Magic of Isabela Programs

How do the Magic of Isabela Programs work?

Magic of Isabela Galapagos land tours focus on Isabeal Island. Walk down its long, palm-lined, white-sand beaches, also enjoy the scenic beauty of several brackish-water lagoons frequented by whimbrels, pink flamingoes, gallinules, common stilts and white-cheeked pintails. Our Magic of Isabela Island Galapagos tours also include a visit to Chico Volcano and Sierra Negra Crater, the latter being the second largest crater in the world (with a diameter measuring 11km). Snorkel and explore Tintoreras Islets, located at 10 minutes from Puerto Villamil, host to a great variety of wildlife. Additionally you will visit Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands, depending on the program chosen. Here’s what makes our Isabela Island tours magical and irresistible:

  • Handpicked hotels for a comfortable stay
  • Experienced guide to offer interesting insight into the places of visit
  • A convenient itinerary that covers the key tourist spots of Isabela and help you feel the magic of Galapagos
  • Affordable pricing
  • We can also arrange for Galapagos Cruises

What are the main attractions on Isabela Island, Galapagos?

  • Sierra Negra Volcano’s massive crater.
  • Los Tuneles. Cabo Rosa Tunnels.
  • Tintoreras Islet and Concha Perla.
  • Shark resting grounds.
  • Flamingo Lagoon.

Seahorse shaped Isabela Island is the largest island of the Galapagos Archipelago with an area of 4,588 square kilometers. It is almost 4 times larger than Santa Cruz. Though originally called Albemarle after the Duke of Albemarle, it was later rechristened as Isabela in honor of Queen Isabel who sponsored the voyage of Columbus. Being the most beautiful and versatile of the islands in the Galapagos, it has amazing wildlife and beauty trove to mesmerize visitors. Where is Isabela Island? Isabela, formed as a result of the merger of six shield volcanoes, is located on the archipelago’s western border, close to the Galapagos hotspot. The age of this island is approximately 1 million years. Puerto Villamil is the island’s lone settlement situated to its southern part, and has a quaint charm about it. It was a fishing village even a few years back but has now emerged as a much sought after tourist destination with a lots of activities and sightseeing to the visitors. Galapagos land tours will also offer you the chance to see Giant Galapagos tortoises and the feeding ground for whales, fish, dolphin and birds. Waters of the west coast of the island are known to play host to 16 species of whales, including humpbacks, sei, minkes and orcas, some of which you may be able to see if you are lucky.