Easter holidays to rest and celebrate
Festivities in Cuenca

Christian traditions sets Easter Week as a celebration where the crucifixion of Christ and His rising is commemorated. For some it’s a time for reflexion, while for others a moment for relaxation. No matter where you come from or what are your beliefs, you’re more than welcome to join the locals. The spirit of Easter while you visit Ecuador will be among you. Easter Holidays

Catholics in Ecuador has many rituals. The rich culture and its ancestral roots make Easter Holidays very attractive. It’s a great moment to get to know Ecuadorians’ traditions and the locals hospitality from the inside.

Ecuador’s colorful and tasty traditions attracts hundreds of tourists year by year.

One holiday, many destinations

Not everything is about religious ceremonies. There’s a wide variety of activities for you to take part in and explore what Ecuador has for you. You can visit the Ocean with its white sand, or go to the mountain and discover its inner rivers. But if you go the other direction you’ll get straight into the jungle. On the other hand, you may get to know the cities and its historical past.

Ecuadorian folk dance
History and tradition get together during celebrations

If you’re more the kind of adventurous people, Galapagos with its animals diversity and amazing landscapes are waiting for you. You choose.

Easter traditional celebration

Ecuador’s large Catholic population, makes this celebration really special. It’s not only a great week to have some rest, but also to enjoy the parades and street music. No matter where you are, you’ll find a festival in the closest city to you. Easter Holidays

One of the most popular place celebration during Holy Week takes place in Quito. Here, the procession of Jesus gathers 250 thousand people in the streets. This magnificent parade is the most popular in the region. The massive representation that takes place on Good Friday is the most striking. A large number of participants wear a purple pointed hoods and call the attention of every visitor. These hoods are traditionally worn as a sign of penitence, a custom that dates back to the middle ages.

Participants wearing purple pointy hoods
Participants with purple pointed hoods

If you prefer smaller cities, Cuenca invites you to visit the seven churches on Holy Thursday. Also, on Good Friday you can witness the procession of the “Passion of Christ”. Together with Guayaquil and Quito, is one of the most famous processions with the highest concentration of people.

Cuenca Cathedral
Cuenca’s Cathedral

Holy Saturday is the only official holiday and only some shops are open, remember. Also on this day the streets come alive with people and parades, joyful children and fascinated visitors. Finally, Sunday church services are an open invitation for everyone interested in the ceremony.

Don’t miss a flavour

During this week, and some previous ones, one of the main characters is a dish specially prepared for the occasion.

The famous “Fanesca” is a traditional soup made up of twelve different grains. This amount represents one of the twelve Jesus’ disciples. In addition, takes pumpkin, cod, hard-boiled egg slices, pieces of green banana, fried bread cheese and peanut. Easter Holidays

If you are the kind of people that’s keen on finding the most characteristic dishes from each place, this is your chance. Quito has an annual competition where more than 500 restaurants in town serve their best Fanesca. They make their best recipe to win the award until next year, when the race begins all over again.

traditional fanesca soup

Although the tradition of eating Fanesca comes from Spain, ecuadorians’ given a personal touch. The grains variety from Andean origin makesit special. Take in consideration this dish is difficult to find outside Ecuador, so don’t leave before your trying it.

If you are willing to keep on the traditions, don’t forget to order ‘guaguas de pan’ and ‘arroz con leche’. This will make you catch all the traditional flavour from this land during this time of the year.

Family time

Whether you’re religious or you don’t make religion part of your daily life, Easter is a great opportunity to have some rest. You can relax from work and spend time with family and friends while you discover foreign traditions.


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