Ecuador Delicacies & Food | Top 7 Exotic Delicacies Ecuadorian Dishes

Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Ecuador Delicacies & Food: Top 7 Ecuadorian Food Dishes

The Ecuadorian Food is known for its versatile culinary pattern that differs from highlands to the coastal regions. With lots of potatoes, beans, herbs in the mountainous cities to seafood and spices with coconut milk near coastal areas, major restaurants and hotels have lots to offer. Like Americans, people here too have 3 meals a day; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Blending with Latin spices, you’ll fall in love with the country’s specialities.

Let us have a look at some of these Ecuadorian Food Dishes.


Cuy Asado – Roasted Guinea Pig

Cuy Asado – Roasted Guinea Pig, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

This is one of the most typical dishes of Andean food. The cuy grow up in family farms and are minutely elaborated with special seasoning. It takes about 60 minutes to roast, cuy serves with potatoes, salad, corn, and avocado.

Caldo de patas – Cow’s Foot Soup

Caldo de patas – Cow's Foot Soup, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Cow foot soup is a typical and one of the best Ecuadorian dishes, it’s made with cow feet, yuca, mote, peanuts, milk, onions, garlic, herbs and species. People believe that Cow Foot Soup cures hangover. This delicacies takes to cook for about 4 hours in fire wood.

Tripa Mishqui – Chunchullo

Tripa Mishqui - Chunchullo, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Tripa Mishqui is very popular in Ecuador Highlands, it’s pork or lamb intestine, which is grilled and cut in small pieces, this dish is served with mote, potatoes, tomato, onion, avocado and some herbs. They are likely to be seen in La Floresta (Quito).


Fanesca, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Fanesca is a traditional Ecuadorian Soup served in April during easter, this dish has 12 different kinds of beans and grains, it also has bacalao (salt cod), sambo and pumpkin (zapallo). The last finishing touches are boiled eggs, maduro (banana) and herbs.

Chontacuro – Chontacuro Worm

Chontacuro - Chontacuro Worm, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Chontacuro is a typical worm of Ecuador’s Amazon region, especially in the province of  Napo. It comes from palms called “chontaduro”. This worm can be served fried or grilled, natives consider the delicacy as a good source of protein.


Yaguarlocro, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Yahuarlocro is a light stew Ecuadorian Food prepared with meat and lamb including intestines, liver, lung, tongue, etc. It’s always served with fried lamb blood as a toppin, avocado and species. It can be the main dish depending on the size of the plate.


Chicha, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Chica de Jora is a corn beer prepared by germinating maize, extracting malt sugars and fermenting in large vessel. The inca used chicha for ritual purposes and consumed during festivities.

Those are the Ecuadorian Food and delicacies dishes that you’ll see. Which one of these Ecuador Delicacies would you like to try?

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