10 Things to do in San Cristobal Island Galapagos
10 Things to do in San Cristobal Island Galapagos

What to do in the San Cristobal Islands?

San Cristobal is located in the easternmost region of the Galapagos Islands and boasts plenty of things that travelers to see and do. While tours are always recommended so that you can be guided through the full experience by someone who knows the land well, independent travelers have been known to explore San Cristobal Island happily. If traveling to San Cristobal, here’s a list of 10 things to do in San Cristobal, these are the 10 must-see spots:

1. Centro de Interpretacion

This information center delivers insights about the history of the Galapagos Islands. The focus of their display is conservation, climate, and geology. They educate tourist and natives alike about the sad but eye-opening story of the Galapagos. Admission is free.


2. Cerro Tijeretas

Cerro Tijeretas in San Cristobal Island

Two miles from Centro de Interpretacion is a beautiful lookout point, with a panoramic view of Shipwreck Bay and Leon Dormido, called Frigatebird Hill or Cerro Tijeretas. As the name suggest, this area is home to 2 species of frigate birds found in the Galapagos. Along with the birds, Cerro Tijeretas boasts a spectacular view of the ocean.


3. La Loberia

galapagos things to do la loberia
La Loberia at San Cristobal Island

This sea-lion filled beach is another must-see in San Cristobal. You can spend the day watching baby sea lions play or even swim with the beach’s residents. But if sea lions aren’t your interest, the beach is also home to some fascinating creatures such as iguanas and frigates.


4. El Junco Lagoon

Take a hike at El Junco Lagoon un the highlands of San Cristobal

The Crater Lagoon is high in the volcanic mountains of San Cristobal. The lake is misty and lovely, with frigate birds bathing or flying around.  There’s a trail around the lake with majestic views of the island, the coastline, and the sea. This is You can enjoy a lovely hike with beautiful vistas to this area. A 6-day trip of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Island usually visit this spot when hiking the highlands.


5. La Galapaguera Tortoise Habitat

Baby Giant Tortoise at Galapaguera

A sanctuary for giant tortoises. An excellent facility to see giant tortoises in their natural environment. This breeding center ensures the population of giant tortoises from dying out. Walking with these gentle giants around the reserve is a pleasant experience and a photographer’s favorite.


6. Puerto Chino

things to do in san cristobal puerto chino
Puerto Chino Bay – 24 km from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

A small but gorgeous bay with calm and gentle waters. Puerto Chino is an attractive beach found southeast of San Cristobal Island. A weekend getaway for locals and tourist alike for its fine white sand and its calm turquoise waters.


7. Leon Dormido aka. Kicker Rock

Kicker Rock a.k.a León Dormido

Two volcanic rocks towers 140 ft tall that looks like a sleeping lion when viewed from the south, hence the name Leon Dormido. It’s also called Kicker Rock due to its boot-like appearance when viewed from the other side. Leon Dormido attracts an incredible amount of sharks and bright-colored fishes making it an excellent dive site. Be on the lookout for Galapagos sharks. Most Galapagos land-tours based in San Cristobal will visit this spot. If you are making your itinerary on your own,  daily trips to this Kicker Rock also depart from Puerto Baquerizo.



8. Isla Lobos

things to do in san-cristobal isla lobos
Isla Lobos locate at a 20 min navegation from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

A small island northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is home to several sea lions and birdlife. You can also spot marine iguanas, lava lizards, freshwater snake, blue-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and frigate birds.


9. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Puerto Baqueirzo Moreno – Dock

The capital of the province of Galapagos located southwest of San Cristobal. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a little more laidback than Puerto Ayora. Here you can watch sea lions lounge on in the middle of the town. Catch marine iguanas on the sea wall. The town also offers some great dining options and is on the list of romantic getaways in the Galapagos. You can also take a walk to Playa Man, a lovely tiny sport in the port city.


10.  A day-trip to Española Island

things to do in san cristobal island albatross
Galapagos Albatross maiting in Española Island

One of the most beutiful locations in Galapagos. Nazca-Boobies, Albatross. and sea-lion colonies, you can catch sight of them all in Española. A one-hour hike and an unforgettable snorkel in the surrounding waters, the perfect day-tour. A day-trip to Española Island usually takes form morning till dawn. Don’t forget to set apart a full day for this when planing your itinerary in San Crtistobal.

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