Adventure and comfort in the Amazon

Ecuador’s Nature diversity is one of its most outstandig characteristic. Amazon Rainforest’s beauty, with its little flora and fauna details, will make you fall in love with it. The Ecuadorian Amazon

Not everything in Ecuador is about visiting historic centers o laying on the beach and its white sand. This beautiful country has mountains of the Andean cord for you to visit.

But without hesitation the most striking destiny is the Amazon Rainforest and its endless vegetation. If you’re looking for a break, you’ll find a perfect place to watch and get relaxed.

The incredible Cuyabeno Reserve

Cuyabeno Reserve is one of the protected places with the biggest biodiversity in the country.

After a half an hour flight from Quito, you’ll get to Lago Agrio and the Amazon gate. The lovely rivers and the interconected lagoons turn this Reserve into a unique park, that doesnt’s exist even in near countries like Venezuela, Colombia o Peru. The Ecuadorian Amazon

Cuyabeno Reserve

You’ll get amazed by the colors variety in this place. Also its fauna diversity astonishes anyone who puts a foot in there. Sahinos, Capuchino monkeys, Hoatzin, Tangaras, Anacondas, Toucans, Giant Butterflies and Parrots are some of the animals you’ll find on your way. The wildlife at your fingertips in one of the most diverse areas of the world, will transform your trip.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get to know the local population, and their everyday life in the middle of the jungle. Such a different way of life. Their ancestral culture includes native food preparation methods. An excellent destination to visit with family.

A home with doors wide open

You may wonder: “How can I live this unique experience?” You’ll have several options to choose from. On the one hand, Ecolodges are a kind of environmentally friendly accomodation. They’ll make you feel in the middle of Amazona’s heart. You’ll also have the possibility to choose a sustainable building housing, with the same facilities as a city hotel. All kind of tourists are welcome here.

Mushrooms with bioluminescence, tree trunks adorned with orchids, lichens and mosses, giant ferns, clouds of moisture and mist, are just the beginning.

Garden surrounded by nature
Have a break and be part of Nature

Distance gives another view

If you prefer to keep on moving and have your nights over the water, there are several cuises that’ll take you through unbelieveable Ecuatorian Amazonas zones. Once you get on the ship, you’ll catch a unique view and won’t be able to forget the most beautiful sunset of your life. The Ecuadorian Amazon

There are many animals that are difficult to watch while your stroll through the forest. Sailing the narrow rivers will allow you to appreciate the landscape and discover its mysteries.

Houseboat on the river
Life over the river

Combine adventure and relaxation, The Ecuadorian Amazon

If you’re looking for a break, you’ll find the perfect destination here in the rain forest, perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

Nature Diversity will make you believe you’re in a movie. Just a few miles away from the city you’ll find this natural shelter you wish you wouldn’t have to leave. Don’t forget to take comfortable clothes, shoes for walking and a hat. Besides that, always keep the sunscreen into your pocket. The Ecuadorian Amazon

Nature Walk
You’ll feel you’re part of the Nature

Get in direct touch with Nature and feel welcome for it, while you respect its course. It’ll definitely be an experience that you won’t like to miss. Hearing the sound of the jungle among you while you get asleep will give you a kind of rest that you won’t find anywhere else. The Ecuadorian Amazon


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