All you need to know about your scuba diving Galapagos beginner course  | Why you should take a PADI certification in Galapagos? If you are looking forward to combine an awesome trip with finally getting a PADI open water diver certification, you’ve come to the right place. Galapagos is among

A chronological guide to the top Ecuador Festivals Ecuador Festivals are probably of the most colorful and culture filled traditions of South America when it comes to holidays and festivities. Semana Santa, Inti Raymi, Carnival, you name it! Submerging into a rich cultural tradition is probably one of the best

How to be safe in Quito– A quick guide and Quito safety Tips Yes, Quito is a must if you are planning a trip to continental Ecuador or Galapagos Islands. Also known as the “middle of the world”, Ecuador’s capital city offers you the unique opportunity to walk the equatorial