Christian traditions sets Easter Week as a celebration where the crucifixion of Christ and His rising is commemorated. For some it’s a time for reflexion, while for others a moment for relaxation. No matter where you come from or what are your beliefs, you’re more than welcome to join the

Ecuador’s Nature diversity is one of its most outstandig characteristic. Amazon Rainforest’s beauty, with its little flora and fauna details, will make you fall in love with it. The Ecuadorian Amazon Not everything in Ecuador is about visiting historic centers o laying on the beach and its white sand. This

This Black Friday give away that experience that will remain for life: a trip. But not any, because vacations are not only to rest but to do all those things you enjoy and give you comfort. Make your trip unforgettable and turn it into an adventure. A Sporty Adventure this

There is a beginning to everything, even traveling alone, and there is no reason for it to go wrong, as long as you follow these recommendations. Tips for starting the solo journey Many young travelers frequently ask because they do not know where to start despite their desire to get