Ecuador Adventure Travel – The First Choice for Adventure Sports
Ecuador Adventure Travel

Do you love water sports? If yes, you must visit Baños, Ecuador. It has been an exciting Andean City from a long time. It is situated at an elevation of 1,800 meters on the borders of Tungurahua Volcano. Even though the volcano is active, the activities experienced by tourists are in the form of thermal hot springs. The regular drill practice for evacuation at the place makes it safer than any other tourist destination. At an affordable price you can fill your tummy with delicious food at Ecuador.

The most important activities that are provided at the Ecuador are:

Ecuador Adventure Travel The First Choice for Adventure Sports

Rafting in Banos

This place is with plenty of rainfall, which makes a perfect combination of mountain and water for white-water rafting at Baños. You are also provided with the rafting services of 3rd and 4<th class at Pastaza and Patate rivers. As exciting is the place you will find the beautiful Andean cloud scenery over the excursion.
Ecuador Adventure Travel The First Choice for Adventure Sports


Also known as Canyoneering in U.S. and Australia This is a kind of adventurous trekking you will find at the place, where you will go through the deep gaps between the mountains. The involvement of slow rappel and slippery rocks
Ecuador Adventure Travel The First Choice for Adventure Sports

Rock Climbing Andes

If you are uncomfortable with the slippery rock and the deep gorges you can otherwise go for the natural rock climbing trip. Before you hit the rock, you can even have a practice of the same on the artificial rock available at that place.

Dune Buggy on a Beach

Even though the place is not blessed with the sand dunes, you can hire a dune buggy and go around the countryside where you would find the wonderful magic of the Mother-Nature.
Ecuador Adventure Travel The First Choice for Adventure Sports

Extreme Sports

Kayaking and Pendulum Jumping : Some of the activities at Baños are categorized which includes Kayaking through the waters of the rivers Patate and Pastaza. The most famous being Swing Jumping, which is more like a Bungee jumping with a swing motion. This kind is also known as pendulum jumping, where you will have two ropes tide in between the gaps of a bridge with you in between.

Mountain Biking
Here is the youngster stuff! One of the extreme sports at the place and this is more adventurous than any other kind of sports that you will find at Ecuador. During the bike ride you will find yourself taking all the joy of the wonderful waterfalls and you may also fly away from the bicycle seat in some places.

Hot Springs to Relax
This place has been mainly proffered due to the hot spring in this area. You can enjoy soaking in the hot, mineral laden waters at Baños. You are also provided with plenty of opportunity to do the same after long and great outdoor adventures activities.
With all these facilities you will never want to leave the place. You will find the place unique with its own styles. The major attraction to the place you will find is due to the multiple options provided by the regime and other private sector to spend your wonderful vacation at place, which you might have dreamt of. So choosing a place like this will always be a value for money among your list of tourist destinations. While Ecuador is a place that has the huge attraction for travelers who are curious to visit and experience a city that is mostly connected by waterways, bridges and other extreme water sports.
In conclusion you will find many things that will have a uniqueness added to it in all the aspects by the nature. This keeps the people to stay here for a long time and spend a happy vacation within the budget, which would not be offered by any tourist spotted country in the world. With the influence of mountain biking in the Baños many of the youngsters love to come and spend most of the time. So enjoy visiting the place at the earliest and look for the adventurous trip.

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