Peru and Galapagos Islands – Jewels of South American Continent
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South America is the fourth largest continent in the world, it has an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers, as of 2005 the population of the continent was somewhere around 371,090,00, which makes it the fifth most populated continent. Apart from this reason, South America is famous for many other things. It is one of the most biodiverse continents on the planet, the species found there are extremely unique, the first sign of human life documented dates back to 9000 BC and food was being cultivated since 2000 BCE.
There are literally hundreds of places in the continent which actually put South America on the fame map, and two of those places are Peru and the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands needs no introduction. These tiny parts of land stretched on either side of the Equator belongs to the Republic of Ecuador, also known as the tourist hub of the continent. Well, they are famous, but Jewels of South America, seriously? Well, read on and be the judge.


Peru, which is also known as the Land of the Inca, lies in the western hemisphere of the continent. This country was home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Norte Chico to the Inca civilizations. Ancient Peruvian history dates back to exactly 9000 BCE, which makes it one of the oldest living countries on the planet today. So why is this, the jewel of South America? Well for one thing, its old and unique, 9000 BCE is a pretty big deal.
However there’s one other reason for Peru’s fame, and that is Machu Picchu. The name itself is enough to grab a person’s attention and is also referred as the “Lost city of the Incas”. This 15th century Incan site is situated on a crest amid Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountains. It is the greatest symbol of ancient civilizations, you can witness. The architectural style of the civilization that existed a thousands of years ago is truly unique. Archeologists to this day have found building made from mortar, quarried granite stones which are accurately cut, without the help of modern tools currently used. Reason why, it also got voted for the new Seven Wonders of the World in an internet survey taken globally. Not just that, they also found Terraced fields on the excavation site, which were back then used for growing crops like potatoes and maize. Maybe, they made French Fries and Cornflakes out of these potatoes and maize, you’ll never know, as they were so advanced.


The best person to explain about this place is none other than the man who wrote the theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin. But since he’s not available, let’s just read what he had said, when he visited these Islands in the early 1500s. He got inspired to write his theory after looking at the remarkable flora and fauna, which to this, day don’t exist elsewhere in the world. These Islands may not be a carbon-based Jewel, but they are definitely Mother Nature’s jewel. So now can you call Peru and the Galapagos Islands the Jewels of South America?

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