A trip to Misahualli | 3 Days Inside the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle
Trip to Misahualli


A trip to Misahualli: hat to expect from a 3-day trip into the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle

Perhaps the most delightful sight when traveling to Misahuallí (in Tena province – Ecuadorian Amazon) is the unbelievable fast transformation of the landscape before your eyes. To get to Misahuallí from Quito you will first pass the southern valley of the city and the rise into the cool Moorlands (passing through Papallacta Springs highway). Then, the first sights of the dense jungle appear when reaching Baeza, then Puerto Napo and then into Puerto Misahuallí. The perfectly defined Páramo lines melt into dense and humid jungle vegetation. It is truly amazing to watch. Once in Misahualli, we will ride half an hour or more into the jungle and my fellow travelers and I get ready to embark on a 3 day adventure in Suchipakari Jungle Lodge

Trip to Misahualli: River
Trip to Misahualli: River

We arrive at Pusuno river and go for a 5-minute walk through a lovely forest trail to get into the lodge’s cabins. Some of the lodge’s staff greets you and carries out bags for the walk. At the reception we are greeted by our guides Wilson and Jorge and the Suchipakari Lodge owner

The first activity after lunch was a walk in the surrounding area (secondary forest) to get introduced to the jungle vegetation and to some basic jungle survival tips. We relax in the nearby river afterwards with some tubing. The water is warm today and the weather is perfect, opens and sunny skies, a great start for a trip.

Trip to Misahualli: Waterfall
Trip to Misahualli: Waterfall

Aside from the natural beauty and the dream-like feeling in transmits to its visitors, the Ecuadorian jungle is the ideal spot for practicing water and adventure sports. My travel companions and I, quite varied in age and interests, went all for a rappelling adventure at Latas river cascade. It was only 3 m high but still intimidating for me. Both our guides were super supportive to all of us, so I ended up doing it. The water was cold but the adrenaline at the time won’t let you feel it. It was a complete thrill. After that you can stand right below the cascades fall and let it fall over your shoulders, an ancient native practice used to cleanse your energies.

In the afternoon, we visited a kichwa community, a female run community which greets visitors by teaching the ancient art of preparing Chicha and by performing a traditional dance. All the activities are led by women, an unusual thing in a male dominated reality as the Amazon jungle culture is.

Trip to Misahualli: Native
Trip to Misahualli: Native

The day ends in the most unimaginable manner, a boat ride that gets you right in the middle of a forest. In order not to scare the wildlife away, complete silence is required, which turns the ride into the must surreal trip. Our guide Wilson, an expert, of course, in spotting wildlife in the evergreen blurry jungle, silently points at different habitants of the jungle, mostly birds and jumpy monkeys. A bot ride in complete silence. The jungle sound and smell enamels you. I’m sure everyone in my group felt the same way. After the ride ended we were all mesmerized. A happy night’s sleep for all, following a delicious meal, traditional Maito, and a few beers with our very caring and creative guides. The company certainly makes the trip immensely interesting.

Trip to Misahualli: Chocolate

Our last day in the jungle ends with a lesson on how to make chocolate from raw cocoa seeds, an abundant tree I the jungle. We start from scratch by making a fire, toasting the seed all the way to turning the chocolate into a paste to enjoy with fresh fruits.

Afterwards we do our final activity, tubing down the river and we say goodbye to our crew and staff, our new friends

We make one last stop at Tena market to buy some cheese and guayusa (a famous plant in the jungle with multiple culinary uses). On the way back home, as the green jungle dissolves before our eyes back into paramo again and back into city at the end, the whole group sleeps tight.

So, if you are planning to visit the Jungle in Ecuador from Quito, Suchipakari Lodge offers 3, 4 and 5 Day Tours similar to this one. You can costumize thos with rafting! Read more here –  Suchipakari Lodge Tour in Misahuallí

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