Galápagos is composed by many islands and islets, but only a few are allowed to be visited. If you are in this paradise, you can’t miss a spot to watch life in its natural state. Every island has its own charm. You won’t like to miss any of the natural

Montañita Ecuador known for being a paradise for young backpack travelers. But also where adults and children can make a family trip and get relaxed by the seaside. Montañita Ecuador The best? You’ll never get bored. The Worst? You won’t want fly back home. A little more than a hundred

Things to do in Isabela Galapagos – a suggestion of the best day trips from Isabela So, you’re traveling to Isabela Island in Galapgos soon. Lucky you! Isabela is one of the most beautiful of the inhabited islands in the Galapagos archipelago. From hiking in petrified lava of an active Volcano