Otavalo Market in Ecuador
Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market: The Place For Your Best Market Experience When You’re In Ecuador.

Otavalo market is a market located in Ecuador. Ecuador is a South American country located in the northeastern part. Otavalo market is located in an area that is made up of a farming community. The town has become a tourist center and it has brought more visitors. Tourism has become the town’s main avenue to earn more revenue. As a result, there are more hotels, hostels, and tour operators than other cities in Ecuador. This has also made Otavaleno (people from Otavalo) to be able to sell their goods abroad. The market has been in existence since 1970. The market was designed by a Dutch architect called Tony Zwollo. The Otavaleno’s are known for weaving textiles, and they are made of wool. The market is mainly very busy on Saturdays. The stores in the market sell textiles that are handmade such as blankets, table cloths, and so many others. On Saturdays which is the peak and busiest time of the market, the town is occupied by stalls where people sell textiles, musical instruments, dream catchers, leather goods, native costumes, purses, clothing, spices, etc. The goods are usually manufactured in a nearby factory, and the goods are sold by middle-aged men who are mostly from Otavalo. The goods are quality goods and are durable no wonder tourist keep visiting the market.

People come to Otavalo Market to buy products; the surrounding towns are also tourist sites. For instance Penuche Waterfall, Lagos de Mojanda, and Museo Viviente Otavalango. There is also a museum in the area that has a rich background of the Otavalo people. It also shows the historical background of the Otavalo people both in the past and present. Locals built the museum after a factory which was built there was demolished.

The women in Otavalo wear blouses that are crisp white and embroidered. They wear a flared lace sleeve which could be black or dark over the skirts. The women have a long natural hair, and they are usually tied around the back. They also wear many strings of gold around their neck. The men also dress in a unique manner. Men usually wear white trousers and ponchos that are dark. The market men and women are very friendly, hospitable and very kind people. Those who visit the market are mainly tourist who come from all over the world most of which are from South America. Some come for tourist adventures while others visit Otavalo Market for shopping.

Like all other towns and villages, Otavalo has their own traditional music and musicians. Otavalo has a festival called Inti Raymi which is usually hosted around the summer period. The musicians from otavalo thrill the villages with their various tunes. It should be noted that musicians in Otavalo has also reached worldwide acclaim, and their music has also had success.

Most interestingly, the market is immaculate, clean and has a good environmental condition people to do their buying and selling. It is indeed a tourist destination.

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