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Choose the Galapagos travel package that best suit your needs and interests!

Galapagos Land Tours

are flexible group tours which allow you to choose the hotel class, have a a close-up with amazing wildlife, enjoy active itineraries, and look forward to friendly encounters with local culture. Since these are land-based they offer true value for money. Island hopping tours by Nature Galapagos & Ecuador are perfect to visit  Galapagos Islands throught a cost-effective, eco-friendly program, you will experiencie local and authentic tours like you never have  before. Check out your options below!

Magic of Isabela

Being the largest of the Galapagos Islands, Isabela encompasses the most spectacular Galapagos landscapes such as  Volcan Chico and Sierra Negra Volcano Crater, along with its unique wildlife. So be prepared to get close to  penguins and blue footed boobies, swim with sea lions, snorkel with hammerhead sharks, and get within feet to marine iguanas, rays, Galapagos flamingos and many other unique species.

Oceano Programs

Our Galapagos Oceano Program is one of the most comprehensive Galapagos land tours. In addition to Isabela, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz, you will visit Floreana Island. Floreana Island was one of the first islands to be inhabited and was the stage of a mystery involving an erratic baroness and her entourage in the 1930′s. Inclusion of 3 Islands involves some water trips and hence these travel packages are named Oceano Programs.

Diving Experience

Galapagos Scuba diving tour packages is quite a popular program and perfect for you if you are a diving enthusiast and love adventure water sports. Galapagos Islands, being located at a key intersection of many ocean currents, play host to an amazing assortment of marine life, almost 20% of which you will find nowhere else on earth. With our licensed diving guides, our scuba diving packages offer you a close glimpse of the underwater marvels of the Galapagos.

Galapagos Adventure Tours and Multisport

From our assortment of Ecuador Adventure tours and travel, our Galapagos Multisport packages have something for every sport enthusiast. Ranging from Galapagos land tours and Galapagos cruises to diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking – you can have a wide variety to take your pick from. If you are looking for the best way to spend your days outside, actively exploring the Galapagos Islands, go for our multisports tour packages with. These dynamic itineraries are an authentic and unique way of exploring the islands.

So, if you want to actively explore the best attractions in the Galapagos Tours while having your fair share of adventure sports, contact us today!