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Galapagos Land Based Tours are flexible group tours which allow you to explore the Galapagos while choosing the hotel class of your preference (and budget). With this travel modality, you can have a close-up to wildlife, enjoy active itineraries and look forward to friendly encounters with local culture. Land based tours are flexible enough to start any day of the week. Galapagos Island hopping tours are divided into two categories.

Standard-Classic tours include our Magic of Isabela and Oceano Galapagos. Specialized Tours include Multisport Adventure Tour and Galapagos Diving Experience.  Visit the Galapagos Islands through a cost-effective, eco-friendly program, and experience a local and authentic trip. Choose the category of hotel you prefer according to your budget. Check out your options below!

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Galapagos Land-Based Tours: Standard Classic


Galapagos Land-Based Tours: Specialized Tours


Galapagos Diving Experience

Our Galapagos Scuba diving tour packages are a quite popular land-based program, ideal for diving enthusiast and adventure lovers. Being located at a key intersection of many ocean currents, Galapagos Islands play host to an amazing assortment of marine life, almost 20% of which you will find nowhere else on earth. With a licensed diving guide and a secure scuba diving gear, these programs allow a close glimpse of the underwater marvels of the Galapagos plus optional land excursions.

Start Day: Any Day  |  Trip Style: Diving Tour

RATES 2015
Program Duration Economic ClassTourist ClassT. Superior ClassFirst Class
5 Days$ 988 USD$ 1067 USD$ 1230USD$ 1780 USD
6 Days$ 1267 USD$ 1363 USD$ 1534 USD$ 2235 USD
8 Days$ 1689 USD$ 1757 USD$ 1973 USD$ 2743 USD