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As a soon visitor to Ecuador and Galapagos you may be aware that The Ecuador Ministry of Tourism now requires a compulsory Health Insurance for the length of your stay in the country. You can read all about it here >> Health Insurance to visit Ecuador . If you do not hold a health insurance meant for travel, we offer you a temporary alternative. Blue Card Travel Insurance provided through Nature Galapagos & Ecuador is a travel insurance meant for independent travelers and intrepid families visiting the country soon and arranging day-trips or multi-day trips with us.

The price of NG&E multi-day or day-trips do not include travel insurance but we can add it to your total if required.  Blue Card has been designed to cover your trip essentials for the duration of you tour. This insurance will keep you and your family protected, you’ll travel smarter and safer. Blue card is just 10 USD a day for travleres up to 69 years old and 23 USD a day for travelers 70 years and up. This cost will be multiplied for the number of days of your chosen tour. You can also extend  it to the number of day of stay in the country. Check the benefits below ↓

Blue Card Insurance

Blue Card Insurance through Nature Galapagos & Ecuador provides a travel insurance for a coverage up to USD 100.000 and a 24/7 assitance during your tour to Ecuador and Galapagos. For $ 10 US a day you will be covered in Emergency, Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses, Baggage and Personal Effect loss and more.

Blue Card Travel insurance is only 10 USD per day and per traveler. You can multiplay that cost for the number of days of you trip. Coverage can be applied even to 1 day tours. 

An English and Spanish-speaking assistance team can help you 24/7 when you need it most, connecting you with medical treatment and transportation.

Blue Card coverage includes Medical and Emergency Benefits, Technical Benefits, Baggage Loss and more for the duration of our tours and activities, excluding diving.

Benefits included with BLUE CARD…

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In case you do not carry a health insurance covering travel and planning to come to Ecuador, please let us know, we can provide a travel health insurance for the lenght of your stay in Ecuador. One of our travel agents will assit you with this and find the best option for you and your party. Contact us on this matter for further information to any of the options below or fill-out the form here. 

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