The Galapagos Islands natural beauties are ideal for sports and adventure activities. Its landscapes and wildlife make it a unique oportunity to interact with nature for adventure seekers. But don¿t forget that the Galapgos National Park has some regulations to protect the islands

Make sure you check out this helpful tips and help us lead a responsible and respectful tourism on this beautiful yet delicate ecosystem. Get the best out of your Galapagos adventure as a conscious tourist!!

Respect Park Rules…

  • Do not touch or disturb the animals or plants – apart from environmental harm, you can be bitten or stung
  • Dot not collect anything from land or the oceans, only remove the rubbish.
  • Do not go outside of the snorkeling area/land trail specified by your guide.

Be Alert…

  • Small animals and tortoises can be in the middle of the road – watch your step or bike trail
  • Do not attempt to wander on your own into some locations – you can get easily lost, specially at the highlands
  • Check all your equipment before every excursion, report any damage beforehand

Other Specifications…

  • Multisport itineraries require a good physical condition, make sure you are up to the chalenge
  • Stay hydrated at all times on every excursion – it can get really hot on the warm season (up to 31°C/88°F ) – all hotels have free water dispensers
  • Use plenty of sunscreen
  • Wear a hat

Make Sure You Bring…

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Special medications if needed
  • Walking shoes and comfortable clothes

Beware that…

  • Internet is available on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal – service is poor on Isabela Is.
  • Cash machines are available on Santa Cruz or San Cristóbal – we recommend bringing all cash (for extra expenses) for the mainland, as machines are unreliable.