Daphne Island Galapagos

Brief Description:

Daphne mayor Galapagos has a trail that leads you towards a side of the tuff volcanic cone, the passengers with the opportunity to disembark there should consider themselves lucky to be among the select company that have passed across the island’s impressive slopes. there are a visits limitation per month to prevent the erosion on the island only few passengers and a little group of scientist is allowed to disembark in Daphne mayor. Daphne Minor is considerably smaller in size than Daphne Mayor. it is particurally eroed and there is not the posibility to landing there. The underwater geology of Daphne is very interesting, with recesses and steep cliffs, and the possibility of seeing sharks.

  • Area: 0.39km2
  • Altitude: 120 mts
  • Human Population: 0
  • Walk: Easy to moderate
  • Wildlife to see: In Daphne Island Galapagos will find a great number of endemic Galapagos bird species including finches, Galapagos Martins, Masked Boobies, and Short Eared Owls.