Española Island Galapagos

Brief Description:

Located on the south-east extreme side of the Galapagos there is Española or hood Island (in honor to british almirant Samuel Hood). The quantity and variety of wildlife on this site is remarkable, being one of the oldest island in the archipelago. Española Island Galapagos considerated as a bird viewing paradise due to the amount of endemic and foreign species that habit this island.

Here you will find beautifull landscapes like the blowhole, a fissure in lava where water spurts high in the air like a gayser. There are two visitors destinated areas, Punta Suarez and Gradner Bay. Punta Suarez considerated one of the better places to visit in the archipelago offer a relax time on their beach with warm sand and sourrended by sea lions. Gardner Bay besides, would marvel you with their white sand beach and by being a snokeling amazing spot.

  • Area: 60 km2
  • Altitude: 675 ft
  • Human Population: 0
  • Visitors sites: Punta Suarez, Gardner Bay.

Wildlife to see

As a bird watching paradise, Española is habited by:

  • waved albatross
  • nesting blue footed and masked boobies
  • Galapagos hawks
  • Darwinf finches
  • swallow-tailed gulls
  • Española Mocking birds
  • Shorebirds
  • Galapagos doves and redbilled tropicbird

Also their fauna is constituted by marine iguanas, lava lizards, sea lions.