Floreana Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

With the most interesting human history due to the wooden barrel of post office bay, put in the 18th century by a group of whalers, Floreana constitutes one of the few beautifil places where you can find green olivine sand beach (punta cormorant). Nearby a coraline white sand beach which is a nesting area for green sea turtles.
Floreana Island Galapagos has One of the most beautiful geological formations, it is the Devil crown, this wave eroded spot is a volcano crater where in the inside of the crown is a perfect environment for coral reef and all marine wild sealife entails. Making this one of the best snorkeling spots.

Area: 173 km2
Altitude: 2100 ft
Official name: Santa Maria
Visitors sites: Post office Bay, Punta Cormorant, Devil´s Crown, Black beach.

Wildlife to see: Floreana fauna is constituted by flamingos, oystercatchers, willets, whimbrels, black necked stilts, white-cheeked paintail ducks, Galapagos hawks, White-tipped reef sharks, green sea-turtle, pelicans, lava gulls and red billed tropicbirds.