Marchena Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

Its name was taken after a Spanish monk, Fray Antonio Marchena, who was among the first to visit the Island, Marchena Island is home to a number of wildlife species, is located on the northern part of the archipelago. This island features few peaks all arround with a caldera that has young lava flows covered of vegetation since 1992 in their last known volcanic activity registered. Being an inhabited island due to the off-limits established by the national park to protect the exceptional environment that it has. Marchena Island Galapagos is sorrounded by a few diving and snorkel stunning spots that is why this island is recognized. one of the best places on it is Punta espejo.

Area: 130 km2

Altitude: 343 mts
Human Population: 0
Main Activities: snorkel and diving

Wildlife to see: Despite and thanks the off-limits established by the national park for visitors this island conserves its species almost intact, this is the home of the Marchena lava lizard. Also Here you might see cow-nosed rays, turtles, schooling hammerheads and schools of blue-striped snappers, grunts, surgeonfishes, spotted moray eels and scorpion fishes.