San Cristobal Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

Here is located Puerto Baquerizo Moreno the official capital of The galapagos Islands. The Frigate hill is one of the highlights San Cristobal presents self-guided this is the perfect place to bird watching, as has been said since years for bird specialists, here is the perfect spot to watch and compare magnificent frigatebirds and gread frigatebirds. Kicker rock or sleeping lion due to it shape is a uplifted giant rock that forms a narrow channel where small vessels can cross to bird watching. Because of the presence of the galapagos capital, in this island was created the interpretation center that inform to the visitors and locals about the islands and human history of the archipelago. From Puerto Baquerizo Moreno you can take a walk of about 20 minutes to reach Loberia Beach where sea lions like to frolic,  leap and make a racket, you could explore it sorroundings to dicorver the beauties that Loberia hides.

Area: 558 km2

Maximum Altitude: 730 ft
Population: 5500 habitants
Visitors sites: Frigate hill, kicker rock, Interpretation center, Loberia, Isla Lobos, El junco Lake, Sapho Cove, Punta Pitt.

Wildlife to see: San Cristobal Galapagos is considered as a paradise wildlife and bird watching, due to the beautiful escenaries you will find here. Magnificent and gread frigatesbirds, boobies, swallow-tailes gulls, frigates, sea lions, marine and land Iguanas and Turtles are part of the fauna that this island will amaze you with.