Santa Cruz Island Galapagos

Brief Description:

Santa Cruz Island Galapagos is consedered one of the islands with more activities to do. If you are in Santa Cruz you must visit the Charles Darwin research station located on the highlands and with a spectacular green landscape this research station contributes to the species conservations in all arround the Galapagos. Tortuga bay has been named by all its visitor like the most beautiful beach on the islands offers a relax time on their pacific waters and their gold sand. Santa cruz is also a great sport of geological formations due to their lava tubes and the twin craters located on in fron of the other of both sides of the road connecting Pto Ayora to Baltra. they were formed as a result of the collapse of the crust into the crater. Behind dragon hill beach there are a flamingo lagoons where this colorfull birds feed. a trail takes you to the peak of dragon hill where land iguanas can be seen.

Area: 986 km2
Maximum Altitude: 864 ft
Walk: Easy to moderate.
Visitor sites: Charles Darwin Research Station, Pto Ayora, Santa Cruz highlands, Dragon Hills, Tortuga Bay, Whale bay, Conway Bay, Las Bachas, Black Turtle Cove.

Wildlife to see: Santa Cruz flora is contitutes by remanenst of scalesia trees mainly, flycatchers, woodpeckers, petrels, short-eared owls, and galapagos doves are the birds of this island, also marine Iguanas, sea lions, stingrays, white sharks and green sea turtle could be seen in Santa Cruz.