Santiago Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

This island has a volcanic origin, that is one of the features that make it famous. Santiago Island Galapagos geological formations amaze all those volcanologists that visits Santiago, its lava flow type pahoehoe formations was formed about 100 years ago and constitutes a perfect beggining of time geological example, whit their all  whimsical forms. Nowadays several of this lava formations have been covered by endemic vegetation giving it a perfect contrast with oceanic landscapes. Puerto Egas beach located on the northwestern side has a black amazing beach with eroded rock formations  in the background here is a trail that cross the dry interior where you can see remains of a salt-mining enterprise.

Area: 585 km2
Maximum Altitude: 907ft
Walk: Easy to moderate, on sand and flat ash ground
Landing: Dry

Wildlife to see: Lava formations covered in mollugo plants that starting to grow here also you will find a mangrove forest and a lagoon with flamingos, the shore edge offers the posibility to see invertebrates organisms, including sea-urhcins, octopi and starfish. Fur seal grottos, sea lions, marine iguanas and Galapagos hawks constitutes a great part of Santiagos fauna.