South plaza Island Galapagos

Brief Description:

South plaza is located eastern from Isabela Island, this is a volcanic origined island formed by lava up streaming fro the bottom of the sea. Here you will find the most beautiful islands vegetation, forming a reddish carpet on the top of lava formations. The South Plaza Island Galapagos sheer cliffs of the southern shore are an unparalleled bird observatory and a perfect bird habitat.

Area: 0.13 km2
Maximum Altitude: 75ft
Walk: Easy to moderate, on boulders and gravel
Landing: Dry

Wildlife to see: The fauna of south plaza includes opuntia cactus and sesivium plants, which forms a reddish carpet on the geological formations, depending on the season the sesivium vegetation changes it color from intense green to orange and purple on dry season. South Plaza Fauna is conformed by land iguanas, sea lions, seabirds, shorebirds