Tintoreras Islet Galapagos 

Brief Description:

Located 10 minutes on bote far from Pto. Villamil is located Tintoreras Islet whose name is taken from this reef shark that sorrounds the islet and the channel that is formed between two vertical rocky walls, this calm waters is the perfect spot where this sharks come to take a rest.

Area: 0.124 km2
Landing: Wet
Human Population: 0
Main activities: snorkel and kayaking

Wildlife to see: Predominantly subtropical floor with dry and very dry climate with an average temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius Tintoreras Islet Galapagos has the presence of sea lions on a small beach of white sand, and surely you will see many marine iguanas of all ages, this is one of the main breeding sites of these reptiles. The white tip sharks fin (Whitetip reef shark) are carnivores but not aggressive animals with humans Also you can admire a variety of colorful fish.