Wolf Island Galapagos

Brief Description:

Taked its name after the German geologist Theodor Wolf, Wolf Island Galapagos is quite considered as one of the most amazing diving hot-spot for its underwater life. this island is just the peak of one of a underwater volcanoes chain whit an age of arround 400.000 and 1’600.000 years of age. this and Darwin island is mainly visited by proffesional divers.

Area: 1.3 km2
Maximum Altitude: 830 ft
Population: Inhabited
Visitors sites: Dive and snorkel spots arround it

Wildlife to see: You will see great schools of fish, a bizarre mixture of cold and warm water species, marine turtles, marine iguanas, giant mantas, sea lions, schools of tuna, morays, barracudas, white tip reef shark, Galapagos sharks, schools of hammerhead sharks, dolphins, whales sharks and whales and much more.