Mariscal Sucre International Airport

It’s located in Quito, the Airport code is UIO. Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the main airport in Ecuador. It was named in honor of Antonio Jose de Sucre, a Venezuelan military who was a hero of the Ecuadorian independence. Mariscal Sucre International Airport is located in the outskirts of Quito, in the eastern suburbs of Tababela. Mariscal Sucre International Airport is also known as Tababela Airport and is 25 kilometers from the center of Quito, this was inaugurated on February 20, 2013 which meant the closure of the Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

Its landings strip is 4100 meters in length, making it the longest of all airports of South American and all the Ecuadorian cities. Its control tower has 41 meters high. Its planned to build a second landing strip, in a second phase scheduled for 2023, it will expand the terminal in 20 thousand square meters. Currently next to the airport you will find a Business Center (business and trade) and a hotel under construction. Airport surface is 1500 hectares, the building area is 70 hectares, the passenger terminal is 38 thousand square meters, and it is estimated that more than five million people a year use it. It has its own treatment plant wastewater which makes environmentally friendly.

In recent years it has remained constant frequency of airlines including American Airlines, Iberia, Avianca, Tame, Lan, Aeromexico, Delta, Copa among others, which offer the possibility of connections to United Kingdom, Europe, Central America and other places in the world.

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