Our Galapagos Hotels section features our special selection of the best Galapagos Hotels. If you are just looking for accommodations or lodging in one of the inhabited island in Galapagos: Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora), San Cristóbal (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno), Isabela (Puerto Villamil) and/or Floreana Island you are in the right place. Hotels in Galapagos are classified as follows: Luxury Class Hotels, First Class Hotels, Superior Tourist Class Hotels and Tourist Class Hotels. Ask for prices and availability here. IMPORTANT NOTE: Nature Galapagos and Ecuador is the owner of San Vicente Galapagos Hotel and La Laguna Galapagos Hotel, both located in Puerto Villamil in Isabela Island, we are also direct tour operators in the Galapagos Islands. Combine your hotel stay with either a Galapagos day trip, a Classic Galapagos Land Based Tours or go for a Galapagos Cruise deals that accommodates best to your schedule.

NOTE: Nature Galapagos & Ecuador reserves the right to change the availability of the hotels without notice due to weather, National Park regulations or notifications, including maintenance of hotels and unforeseeable circumstances.