5 Reasons to visit Ecuador | Why Ecuador Should Be On Your Destination Bucket List
5 reasons to visit ecuador Quilotoa

If Ecuador hasn’t yet made the top of your destination bucket list, we’re here to tell you why it should be. Here’s a list of the 5 Reasons to vist Ecuador :


Reason #1: The breathtaking biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands

5 reasons to visit ecuador
Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Due to its geographic location, Galapagos Islands encompass a unique oceanic environment. Branded as a World Heritage site, both land and see, and preserved by Charles Darwin Research Center, the islands are home to some of the most unique wildlife you will have the privilege not only to see but to interact with. Because is it is home to various species of aquatic creatures, it has been dubbed as the “melting pot” of marine species.

And beyond its sea creatures are fascinating land-based creatures you may not see anywhere else in the world. Known as the symbol of the Galapagos, giant tortoises are a marvel to look at in their natural habitat. Aside from its wildlife, Galapagos Islands also boast some amazing land formations. There are underground lava tunnels to explore, geologic structures, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, dramatic landscapes and other breathtaking sights.

The Galapagos welcomes backpackers, families, naturalists, and travelers on every budget. Whether you go for an escorted land tour, a Galapagos Cruise or a self-arranged visit, you will no regret one bit visiting this spot in Ecuador.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the exquisite marine ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands at these famous diving spots which are regulated by the Galapagos National Park – Santa Fe, Beagle, Gordon Rocks, Daphne and North Mosquera, Seymour, Daphne, Beagle, Floreana.


Reason #2: The world-famous Amazon Jungle

quito travel tips jungle
Amazon Jungle – Ecuador

As the world’s largest rainforest, roughly measuring about 2.72 million square miles, the Amazon Jungle boasts a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife. With nearly 16,000 species of trees and home to an estimated 30% of the world’s animal species.

It even has the world’s largest river by volume, which can stretch for more than a 1000 miles. The jungle welcomes you as you tour along the Amazon River through Ecuador’s most protected areas for its exceptional diversity of species. Visit the Cuyabeno Reserve and Yasuni National Park to experience excursions into jungle trails and close encounters with the local community.


Reason #3: Cultural Day trip to Quilotoa

5 reasons to visit ecuador Quilotoa
Quilotoa Crater Lagoon – Ecuador

The beauty of visiting Quilotoa is beyond seeing the most magnificent lagoon; it is also an incredible cultural experience as you immerse yourself in true Ecuadorian life in the surrounding areas of Quilotoa Lagoon. Visit the famous local market of Saquisilí and pass through indigenous villages.

Be prepared for a long but fulfilling hike that is filled with the beautiful sights that include the Cotopaxi Volcano, the Ilinizas, and impressive Andean landscape. Rest your feet, find a spot and marvel at sight of the beautiful turquoise waters of Quilotoa Caldera.


Reason #4: Take a hike up Cotopaxi Volcano

5 reasons to visit ecuador cotopaxi
Cotopaxi Volcano – Ecuador

If you seek a challenge and adventure, you cannot miss Cotopaxi Volcano. The Cotopaxi Volcano is the second highest mountain in Ecuador. Once worshiped by ancient civilizations as the bringer of rain and prosperous crops, it is now a famous destination for tourists and seasoned climbers.

Cotopaxi’s ecosystem is home to a broad variety of flora and fauna and includes a unique combination of pine vegetation. It is home to rabbits, condors, wolves, pumas, foxes, bears, and wild horses.

If your intention is to reach the summit, a professional mountaineering guide is strongly advised as it is absolutely necessary to have adequate mountaineering gear because of its glacial climate.

You can also hike to the First Refugee of the volcano (4810 meters above sea level) and continue the ascent to the Glaciers. Alternatively, you may want to take the road to the pine trees to the charming Limpiopungo Lake. The beauty of spending the day at Cotopaxi is the many options beyond climbing. You can also connect with the local community at the sierra market.


Reason #5: Submerge in the historical capital, Quito

5 reasons to visit ecuador quito center
Quito Historical Center – Theatre Plaza

Take a bite into the culture, gastronomy, history, and the natural beauty of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. Elevated nearly 2,850 meters above sea level, Quito is known as the highest capital in the world. Take a trip around Quito’s old town and discover historical centers that have been well-preserved for almost 5000 years.

Marvel at Basílica del Voto Nacional is the largest neo-gothic church in the Americas. Stroll down La Ronda, which is said to be the oldest street in Quito. Don’t miss the chance to visit La Compañia De Jesus, South America’s best example of Spanish Baroque architecture. Step right into what is referred to as “the middle of the world” by visiting the Equatorial Monument. If gastronomy is your interest, get familiar with Quito’s culinary delicacies.

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