Best time to visit Galapagos islands

Best Time to Visit Galapagos Islands

Best Time To Visit Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Islands comprises of thirteen primary islets, of which only four are populated. It is situated over 500 miles offshore from the mainland of Ecuador and houses an assortment of exotic animals, including lava lizards and giant sea tortoises. Renowned biologist Charles Darwin conducted some of his studies in this Island that keeps drawing tourists to catch a glimpse of its unspoiled natural habitats. There isn’t any wrong or right time to travel to the region but two distinct seasons exist in Galapagos Islands with its own set of benefits.

Rainy Season

The rainy season in the region lasts from December through May. During this period the air and water temperatures are warmer, but the daily drizzle blankets Galapagos during intermittent spells. This season also features the calmest seas of the year and the sunniest skies.

Dry Season

The dry season starts June and runs through November. During this period the Humboldt current of the Pacific Ocean passes along the coast of South America, which results in cooler temperatures and colder waters to the Galapagos Islands. This current also brings nutrients like plankton, which draws more fish and birds to the region. Overcast conditions run on most days, though rainfall is scarce. The seas get choppier, and the winds pick up as the season progresses.

What to Enjoy During the Rainy Season

The calmer waters and warmer weather of the rainy season makes it the best time to travel to the region if snorkeling and swimming are on your agenda. The chances of getting seasick during a cruise are reduced due to the smooth ocean waters. Additionally, this season coincides with the island’s sea lions and sea turtles breeding seasons. The months of March and April ushers in newborn wildlife around the islands, as well as the blossoming of flowers, which gives the region an atmosphere that is full of color and life.

What to Enjoy During the Dry Season

The dry season is the ideal period for seabird observation and underwater diving. Albatrosses and Penguins arrive the islands due to the colder waters and the abundance of fish. A large number of marine life move to the region after the Humboldt Current. Genovesa and blue-footed boobies owls perform mating rituals, and the region brims with winged creatures.

The Peak Tourist Seasons

There are two peak tourist seasons in Galapagos Islands. The first runs from June through September and the second runs from December to January. The Islands national park has a limit to the number of visitors that can come to the Islands at a time during this period.

If you Want to Get a Glimpse of Wildlife, There is no Best Time to Visit Galapagos Islands

Unlike many wildlife destinations, animals in Galapagos Islands can be seen all year round. You may have to take into consideration the fact that their behavior varies (whether you want to swim with baby sea lions, play with penguins, sea turtles laying their eggs or see tortoises hatching). If you want to see particular species or catch mating, birthing or nesting seasons, you can choose your vacation time accordingly.

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