Is it Better to Visit Galapagos on Yacht or a Cruise Ship?
Better to Visit Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are known to be among the most desired holiday destinations for tourists around the world. 

Located just about a few miles away from the mainland Ecuador, this group of islands is an ideal place where one can experience a live encounter with nature. The wide variety of flora and fauna found here are found nowhere else in the world. People who visit here are attracted to the scenic beauty and the adventurous and exciting activities that they can participate in. The dense population of plants and animals on the land and the beautiful never seen before marine life in the crystal blue waters is something that adds to the factors that have been attracting people to the islands.


The islands that belong to this group are placed a little away from each other. You will have to take a yacht or a cruise to sway through the waters. Each of the islands is a home to different kinds of animals that you may want to see. This makes it a necessity to visit almost all of them if you truly wish to tour the entire Galapagos Islands. The other islands are quite far from the Santa Cruz and the San Cristobal Islands. This makes it necessary to hire a cruise while you are traveling a higher distance like this. Let us take a look at a few factors for which we would need to book a Galapagos Island Cruise and a few others that make traveling in a Yacht a comfortable one.

Why prefer a Galapagos Island Cruise?

Better to Visit Galapagos

A Galapagos Island Tour is a luxurious option to travel over the waters here and also take a look at the beauty of the islands. The tours over a cruise are usually arranged in such a way that you will be traveling across the waters at night and landing over an island during the day time. Let us take a look at the few main reasons why one will have to think of hiring a cruise.

  • A cruise allows you to travel longer distances and helps cover most of the islands and landscapes that you would love to see.
  • It is a more comfortable option than a yacht as it includes comfortable cabins that you can travel in.
  • The infrastructure, the food and the services provided are all luxurious which makes the tour more relaxing and fun.
  • A cruise gives you wider options to select when you would like to go over an island or the time when you would love to go snorkeling.
  • A cruise will include a larger number of passengers that will let you interact with your fellow passengers and enjoy the tour with a larger crowd.

Why prefer a Yacht for the Galapagos Island Tour?

Better to Visit Galapagos

The Yachts at the Galapagos Islands are a smaller option for those who prefer to travel in smaller numbers. You will need to first select the type of yacht you prefer traveling in and the size that may be necessary for you and your group. Let us now take a look at the few reasons why one can prefer traveling in the Yacht while out on a Galapagos Island Tour.

  • A small yacht has a capacity of carrying across 12 or 16 passengers at a time.
  • You will get a chance to know all your fellow passengers since the group is quite small.
  • It is a more peaceful way of traveling through the waters.
  • Small yachts or boats can take you to almost every nook and corner of the islands. The larger boats and ships may need to avoid reaching out to a few places due to their size and the number of passengers.
  • Yachts may sometimes be a cheaper option as compared to the cruises, depending on the type and size of the yacht and also the tour package that you select.

Whether it is a yacht or a cruise, one thing that you will enjoy is swaying through the crystal blue waters and the eagerness to see more. Each island that you will visit is set to reveal a complete package of nature and wild life. Nature Galapagos and Ecuador ensures that the tour package you select succeeds in giving you the best experience that you would have ever thought of in your life. The selection among the cruise or the yacht can be simply done by first making up your mind of how you would like to travel and the budget that you have thought of for the tour. The tour operators here are ever ready to help you select the best plan for the tour over land as well as the water.

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