From Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands
Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands

From Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands

Any travel agency that organizes your trip from Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands will help you to book your flights to and from the Galapagos. It is possible to combine routes; for example, you can leave from Quito to the Galapagos Islands and fly back to Guayaquil, or vice versa. However, you cannot buy a one-way ticket.

The AIR FARE changes depending on the route and season (see below) of your flight. Prices may also change without notice. Usually travel agencies already have reserved spaces on the plane for their passengers. For this reason it is recommended that you have the agency arrange and book the flights for you.

The low season is from May 1st to June 14th, and September 15 to October 31st; the rest of the year is high season. The prices are the same for flights to San Cristobal or to Baltra.

In the Galapagos Islands there are two airports with routes that come from the continent. There are no direct international flights to the Galapagos Islands. The most common airport that is used is usually the airport in Baltra, from which flights go to Santa Cruz or Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal. These two islands are 96 km away from each other. There are three daily flights to Baltra and one daily flight to San Cristobal.

The flight time to the Galapagos Islands is approximately one and a half hours from Guayaquil and 2 and a half hours (including a 45 minutes stop in Guayaquil) from Quito. All flights from Quito pass through Guayaquil.

When you arrive at Baltra or San Cristobal airport, please show your original passport to the migrations officer; after that you must stop by the Galapagos Islands National Park Desk in order to pay the Galapagos National Park entrance fee of $100 for adults or $50 for children under 12.

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