How to Choose a Tour to Galapagos Islands

While the Galapagos Islands are definitely an exotic destination that a lot of people are going to want to visit, planning your trip to it might require you to consider a thing or two.

The majority of things that have to be accounted for are rather universal, and they include things such as budgeting, determining different inland destinations and many more of the kind.

There are some of them that have to be considered specifically if you want to understand how to choose a tour to the islands properly and without coming to regret it afterwards.

How to choose a tour : Galapagos Islands

Choosing Transportation Method

The majority of people, which will undertake Galapagos Travel, would prefer to use an aircraft from the mainland of Ecuador. The flights are going to depart on a daily basis from all of the principal cities – Quito and Guayaquil.

There are three particular companies, which are servicing these flights and respectively offer them – these are the Avianca, TAME and LAN-Ecuador. This is the first thing that you’d have to pay attention to.

Even though the prices for the tickets are generally going to be fairly similar between the three companies, you might want to go ahead and check for promotions, as you might get lucky.

However, you should be expecting to pay something in the range in between $350 and $500 for a round-trip ticket. 

How to choose a tour : Transportation


Choosing the Time of the Tour

One of the most important things that you have to consider if you want to learn how to choose a tour to the Galapagos Islands is the time of the year.

Luckily for you, the tours can be all-year round as the climate of the Galapagos Islands is incredibly convenient for tourism.

Throughout the entire year and even the water temperature in December is about 25 degrees Celsius, which is definitely significant.

How to choose a tour : Weather

Different Kinds of Trips

You might want to determine whether you are going to go on a cruise, book a hotel or you would just go for a daily trip.

In any case, all of the options are convenient, and they would strongly depend on your personal preferences.

These are the things that you must absolutely consider when making your plans and if you want to learn how to choose a tour to the Galapagos Islands as they are going to be designated for different things and have different intentions in mind.

How to choose a tour : Trip Style

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