Montañita Ecuador | Party and quietness together
Montañita Ecuador

Montañita Ecuador

known for being a paradise for young backpack travelers. But also where adults and children can make a family trip and get relaxed by the seaside. Montañita Ecuador

The best? You’ll never get bored. The Worst? You won’t want fly back home.

A little more than a hundred miles away from Guayaquil, Montañita Ecuador took in the firsts “alternative” travelers that were looking for waves and large seashore fifty years ago. With less than five thousand population, today it’s called the “unknown paradise”. It’s the destination chose for a wide number of Latin American, American and European tourists.


This spot is famous for being “the surf beach” in Montañita Ecuador. It’s the most popular stop along the Road of the Sun that goes over the ecuadorian shore besides the Pacific Ocean.

Puesta del sol
Sunsets will stay in your mind for ever

The cane buildings and its thatch roofs increase the pleasure of knowing that you’re at Ecuador’s shore, with its wide beaches and warm clear water. When the heat gets warmer than you’d like, have a coconut or a beer at the many bars located on the beach can be your salvation.

Watch the sunset. Swim into the calm sea. Enjoy surfers’ show. Catch a deep tan. How can you resist?


The “cocktails street” is one of the most crowded ones. There you can find drinks and music all day long, and finish your stroll at the beach. Montañita Ecuador

Caipirinha en la playa

Would you say NO to a caipirinha on the sand?

But if you think it’s too early to have some Margaritas, there are plenty of places to choose from, where you can enjoy your meal. From ecuadorian typical dishes to tai or with other latin american roots.

You must try ceviche, trigillo, chucula, tapao or sango before you get back home.


Montañita’s known for being one of the best surfing points from the ecuadorian shore and one of the main attractions. From 1987 its been the venue for many important championships and yearly surf events.

Surfista en el mar
Surfers and their incredible daily show

Both for those who just started in sports and for the most experienced. There’s a wide variety of lessons you can take, with instructors who speak Spanish and English. Also you can rent your own surfboard for a couple of hours, half of the day or whole day long.

Party all day long

Party, music, cocktails and food it’s never missing in these streets and beaches. Mainly from December to March, when Montañita celebrates its high season and many electronic music festivals that last until dawn take place.

Calle con fin en la playa

With options for all tastes, discos offer electronic music, latin rhythms or live bands. It’s your choice. As long as the night goes on, shame disappears and dancing is a guarantee.


Party it’s not all in here. Indeed, weekdays are pretty calm. Although it’s popular for its nightlife, also invites people to get offline.

Without big buildings or pavement near, you immediately get in touch with the tropical vegetation settled on the little hills around town.

Edificaciones con caña y techos de paja
Montañita Ecuador, Cane buildings and its thatch roofs

Here you won’t find a crowd. The population is so small at Montañita that you can go across the city in a few minutes. Actually, if you’d like to go a little beyond the busiest streets, a bike can become your best friend and also get your legs in shape.

Doesn’t matter where you ahead to, you’ll get in touch with nature directly. On the one side you have the seashore and its infinite ocean. On the other there’s wide variety of vegetation and paths with hidden surprises that scream for you to discover.

Montañitas (little hills) and nature

Montañita Ecuador is not just a beach. It also has little hills around and trails to walk through vegetation. Bike tours along the jungle can take you to incredible places that contain natural water pools full with high sulfur content, which brings many benefits to the skin. Montañita Ecuador

Cascada en Dos Mangas
Waterfall at Dos Mangas

One of the options that you can try is the Dos Mangas Community, to which you can get riding a bike. Also you can get there by bus and then by truck, if you prefer to keep fresh.

There you can choose between two footpaths: one with waterfalls and the other with water holes, where you can refresh and spend the afternoon.

If you’re interested in subaquatic world, you’re in the right place. Here you can achieve a certification for scuba diving at one of the best schools in Ecuador, and also spend a whole day under the sea. Nevertheless, if you’d rather stay over the surface, you can try rafting.

Piqueros patas azules
Blue-footed bubbies

Another good plan includes visiting Isla de Plata, near the seashore. There you can practice sightseeing and find some blue footed boobies, red crabs and several curious species. Furthermore, if you travel between June and September, you may be lucky and watch a Humpback whale. Montañita Ecuador

clase de yoga
Yoga lesson in front of the ocean.

While the main attraction for young people is the city center, and its pubs and discos, families prefer staying near the beach and watch the ocean. With parties everywhere, yoga lessons, miles of sand and pieces of jungle, Montañita’s a destiny for everybody.

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