6 Reasons Why You Should Take your Beginner Diving course in Galapagos?
scuba diving galapagos beginner course

All you need to know about your scuba diving Galapagos beginner course  | Why you should take a PADI certification in Galapagos?

If you are looking forward to combine an awesome trip with finally getting a PADI open water diver certification, you’ve come to the right place.

Galapagos is among the most bio-diverse sites in the world, and every traveler’s dream when it comes to scuba diving.  Though Galapagos is thought as an advanced diving spot, the truth is it holds a wide variety of diving sites suitable for every level.  

So, yes, there are plenty of sites and plenty of options to finally getting your PADI Open Water certification in Galapagos.  Already got on? Well, there are also advanced diving courses available.

Here’s a short list of why you should take your PADI certification in Galapagos?  Also, all you need to know about a scuba diving Galapagos beginner course.


1. Galapagos holds awesome spots to learn the basics

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Contrary to popular belief, Galapagos holds a wide variety of sites to practice diving at a beginner level. Actually, some of those seem ready-made to suit different leaning levels. You can find the hard-core diving sites such as Gordon Rocks, but also spots suitable for beginners like the ones around Puerto Ayora such as EL Barranco, Punta Estrada and La Lobería (Caamaño Islet). As it will not just be all about learning, these sites are not short of amazing wildlife and offer outstanding encounters with marine wildlife.   



2. An astounding array of marine bio-diversity

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Because the Galapagos Islands are influenced by deep currents and are a part of a marine reserve, you are guaranteed to see an abundance of marine life. Even though Whale sharks are only found at advanced diving sites such as Darwin and Wolf (reachable by Galapagos Liveaboards), you will still be able to dive with many shark species, rays, turtles, sea lions and visit dive sites with abundant marine life.


3. If you choose the right time, you´ll get the ideal water temperature

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You can practice Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands all year round, but most people prefer to travel between December to May. This period has the calmest weather and tides and the greater occurrences of Hammerhead sharks and Manta Rays. Between June to December waters are colder. Water temperatures in dry season range around 17-20°C and visibility is lower during this time. However, June to November are the peak months for the Whale Sharks.


4. Try something new in a completely paradise-like destination

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Paired with the splendid array of marine life, the good visibility makes diving in the Galapagos exceptional. There are diving site on many of the islands, though several islands stand out as particularly excellent places to take the plunge. Taking diving lessons in one of the most beautiful sites in the world will make it one in a lifetime experience. Aside, when not learning, you can always explore the islands and arrange day tours. It will be the perfect combination trip.  


5. Awesome sites suitable for beginners

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Here are some of the best sites suitable for beginners. Those will not only provide ideal diving conditions, but also great views on the way to get there.

  • Daphne Minor
  • Camaño Islet
  • North Seymour Island
  • Santa Fe Island
  • Tijeretas Hill
  • Kicker Rock in San Cristoba



6. If you are already a PADI diver, you can always choose an advanced course

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Galapagos Diving scenario also features great programs for certified divers who are ready to go one step ahead. The archipelago holds awesome sites for advanced divers, those who feel comfortable in deeper waters with varying currents and conditions. The islands offer drift dives, deep dives, reef dives, and, of course, the famous hammerhead shark dives. These sties have colder water, strong currents and surges. A treat for a diver looking forward to a more advanced diving experience in Galapagos.



To sum up, diving in the Galapagos Islands is a truly unique experience. A staggering array of marine life, which are found nowhere else, inhabit the islands, 

So yes, you should definitely take that PADI scuba diving Galapagos beginner course.  The best Galapagos dives leave you feeling that you have just witnessed an underwater movie and, among diving enthusiasts it’s real common to hear them say that if they ever have a chance they’ll go back.


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