Why is Ecuador Train so is special ?
Ecuador Train

Why is Ecuador Train is so Special?

Crossing Ecuador using the railway is the perfect way to experience a state of euphoria in traveling. You will have the chance to receive pampering on the A class ride while passing the stunning landscape, amazing scenery and having a distinct stopover on some of the most notable landmark and tourist attraction during your Galapagos Travel.

Aside from that, Ecuador train has bar cars, power outlets and leg room that provide a very comfortable ride while passing the unimaginable beauty of the surroundings.

With three lines and numerous routes, the transport system of Ecuador has become an effective tool in promoting the tourism of the country by highlighting historical and cultural heritage of the county, distinctive climate area, and awe-inspiring landscape formation.

Aside from boosting the tourism, the routes also triggers the advancement of the local economy of the city and town that is link on the system. In cases you want to know how to choose a tour that will best show you the country of Ecuador, here are your options.

Different Routes that Will Help You on How to Choose a Tour on Ecuador Train

Freedom Train

Also known as Tren de la Libertad locally, passengers of the Freedom Train will get to witness the local market town located at Otavalo. You will pass through a majestic terrain of ranges and pass the picturesque village of Salinas.

The entire trip will last for 8 hours while passing on the expansive ranges of the Andean Highlands. The train will then descend to a 1,700-meter altitude and will be welcomed by a completely unique geography of the Chota Valley.

You will be exposed to the extensive lush of sugarcane and a warmer climate. The Freedom train will then head to the Spanish-speaking community of the Creole.

The places that you will be passing through on your Galapagos travel are some of the factors that you should consider when you want to find out how to choose a tour perfect for you.

Tren Crucero

A customized locomotive engine, the Tren Crucero is one of the most visually pleasing trains in Ecuador. It is powered by an engine that is around 100 years of age that will take you to some of the best historical places in Ecuador both past and present.

Unlike some of the train tour that only lasts for a couple of hours, treat the Tren Crucero as an expedition that will last for 4 days and 3 nights.

You will be passing some of the panoramic landmarks of Ecuador, an all-encompassing view of the coastal plains and the grand view of the volcano and then finally settling in the port city. In case you love historical facts, the Tren Crucero is perfect for your Galapagos travel.

The Devil’s Nose

It took more than 30 years to finish the grand project of the Devil’s nose route. It is referred to as the most challenging railway all over the world and is one of the most commendable feats in the field of engineering.

So make sure to consider that when you are looking for ways on how to choose a tour in Ecuador.  Aside from the exhilarating journey, the train will take you to the Andean land that is known for their native craft, culture, and tradition.

The tour is being directed by a bilingual guide who will guide you on the Condor Museum as well as different local dances and festivals, a colorful way to see Ecuador.

When you want to know how to choose a tour on Ecuador train, consider the things that made them special, and it will guide you to find the ideal trip suitable for you.

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