Isabela Island  – Galapagos Islands Isabela Island is the largest island of the Galapagos Archipelago. The measure extension is 4640 km2. A small village located in this island is located Puerto Villamil, with a population of 2200, they traditionally earned a living through fishing. The streets keep the sand of the

Isabela Island on of the most Beautiful Islands of Galapagos Isabela island is a seahorse shaped island and is the largest of all the islands, measuring 120 km longer and greater in size than all of the other islands combined. The island was originally named Albemarle Island for the Duke of

Airlines to The Galapagos Islands. As I have indicated in the last blog “Where are the Galapagos Islands“, Galapagos Islands is located in Ecuador, it has 2 international airports. One is in “Quito Tababela” (The airport code of Quito is UIO) and the other in Guayaquil “Simon Bolivar” (The airport