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5 Days | Galapagos Scuba Diving

Diving Galapagos 5-Day Tour. *Dive in: Santa Cruz Island's surroundings (2-days-4 immersions). *Activities: Diving + Hiking 
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Land-based Diving Tour
Diving in Galapagos Islands
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8 Days | Diving in Galapagos Islands Land Tour

Diving Galapagos 8-Day Tour. *Dive in: San Cristobal & Santa Cruz surroundings (4 days - 8 immersions). *Activities: Diving + Hiking 
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Land-based Diving Tour
Dive Galapagos islands
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6 Days | Dive Galapagos Islands

Diving Galapagos 6-Day Tour. *Dive in: Santa Cruz Island's surroundings (3-days - 6 immersions). *Activities: Diving + Hiking 
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Land-based Diving Tour
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Galapagos Scuba Diving Tours – Land Based


Galapagos diving tours perfectly combine daily diving trips with lodging and a land excursion. Land-Based scuba diving tours will allow you to explore all edges of the Galapagos Islands. Our Galapagos Diving Experience Programs include accommodations, diving gear, transportation and an expert diving guide. Picture yourself swimming side by side with a Giant Manta Ray or a school of Galapagos Hammerhead sharks! Discover Galapagos fully with a 5, 6 or 8 day itinerary, or personalize them as you wish. Let us know what you are looking for in your scuba dive adventure!

Theses multi-day Galapagos Diving Tours are based in either Santa Curz (5 and 6-day trips) or San Cristobal Island (8day trip). Form any of these divers will take daily excursions to different diving spots in the Galapagos.  The programs will include lodging, breakfast, transportation, guide and basic diving equipment.    


Galapagos Diving Tours Sites – depending on the dates, itinerary and experience the visiting sites include:


MONDAY – Floreana

TUESDAY – Gordon Rocks (advanced divers only)

WEDNESDAY – Seymour-canal & Mosquera Norte

THURSDAY – Cousins & Bartolomé

FRIDAY – Mosquera South & Seymour

SATURDAY – Beagle & Daphne or Daphne & Gordon

SUNDAY – Seymour-canal & Gordon or Santa Fe


Kicker Rock

Pitt Point

Brujo Hill + Tijeretas Hill

Kicker Rock + Bujo Hill


* Sites and visitng dates as regulated by the Galapagos National Park

Wildlife to see: sea lions, Galapagos sharks, white tip reef shark, hammerhead shark, mobulas, turtles, reef fishes, sting rays, eagle rays, Galapagos eel, barracudas, sea horses, barracudas, sea lions, variety of invertebrates and coral walls (depending on the dive sites)