Pinzon Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

Its name has been taken from Pinzon brothers, the captains of La Niña y La Pinta caravels from the Columbus Travels, this is an inhabited island due to the more than 100 mts cliffs that sorrounds it edge jointly with their colapsed volcano, and becuase of the off-limits for visitors established by the national park, occasionally scientist and researchers have permission for land onto it. Despite its condition the geological estructure of Pinzon Island Galapagos With a sloped sandy bottom on both sides, and a wall on the deep side of the rocks that drops off to 100 mts, makes it an excellent dive site that offers beatifful landscapes and stunning under-water wildlife viewing on all snorkel and diving spots arround it.

Area: 18 km2

Maximum altitude: 458 masl
Human Population: 0
Main Activities: snorkel and diving

Wildlife to see: Home of endemic Giant tortoises, Sea lions, Galapagos hawks, dolphins and Marine iguanas, Pinzon offers some wonderful scuba diving opportunities and lets you get up close with a plethora of marine life like sea turtles, eels, eagle rays, marine iguanas, dolphins and even lobster.