Santa Fe Island Galapagos 

Brief Description:

Formed by an uplifting tectonic activity this island has one of the most beautiful coves in all the Galapagos, protected by a peninsula that extends from shore. There is a trail that takes to a the peak of the precipice where you will have a intimate experience with their Santa fe species of land Iguanas, the unique place in the world where this specie could be seen. through the opossite side trail you will be amazed with a picturesque prickly cactus forest. after a extenuant hike by Sante fe trails there is no better thing that have a swim in the calm water of a beatiful bay.

Area: 24 km2
Maximum Altitude: 259 ft
Walk: Easy to difficult, on boulder. Minimum time 1 hour.
Landing: In water, extenuant hike

Wildlife to see: Its highlight is the Santa Fe land iguana unique in the world, its fauna is also conformed by frigates, Galapagos Hawks, stingrays and sea lions. about their flora, Santa Fe Island Galapagos is the place where you will find the tallest opuntia trees, with a great remanent on it the prickly cactus gives a perfect landscape contrast for all those fotography lovers.