Galapagos Ecosystem | How to take care the Enchanted Islands during your visit
Galapagos Ecosystem

Some living standards that you’ll have to keep in mind to preserve the environment if you plan to visit the most surprising natural reserve in the world.


Imagine thousands of people visiting your home everyday. How would you want them to behave? Well, that’s what you have to think about when you put your feet on the Galapagos Islands.


Avoid everything that can cause potential harm


Galapagos Ecosystem

Is a place where everybody should stay in even once in a lifetime. Its wildlife and the natural air you breathe as you walk along the sand on the beach, it’s unbelievable.


As a home of many animal species, you have to take into account that those lands are theirs, and you are just a visitor for a few days. They will stay there even when you take your flight back to the city.


So be respectful for the Galapagos ecosystem and try to keep the environment in its natural state as much as you can. It will be easy if you try to avoid everything that can cause potential harm and keep the next tips in mind.


Galapagos Pinguins



On your way to the beach you can cross along some iguanas or walk beside some sea lions at the Santa Cruz harbor, but as friendly as they seem to be, don’t try to pet them. In addition, it’s probably that you may be surprised by a sea turtle while you practice some snorkeling, but keep your distance and enjoy the beauty of a show that can only be witnessed in a few places around the world.


Be respectful and try to keep the environment in its natural state as much as you can.


The animals in the islands are used to be surrounded by people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get scared if you try to play with them. It’s really important that you keep, at least, two meters away just to let them preserve their space. This rule it’s also for your own integrity because they still being wild animals, even if they are in the middle of the town. You are not safe from being bitten by a sea lion or hit by an iguana’s tail if you put on their way and they feel bothered.


Galapagos tortoise in the street
Turtle walks through town


Also, remember that feeding animals is forbidden. So if you are tempted to give a piece of your sandwich to the iguana next to you, don’t share your meal. What’s more, there are a few bird species that are so accustomed to be among people, that they even wait to be fed by you. Despite the fact that it may seem to be a very nice scene and Snow White’s style, don’t do it.


Photograph them and enjoy watching them in their wildest state. That won’t be erased from your mind when you get back home.


Natural environment


If you feel tempted to let your mark on the islands, refrain from it in any way. Keep yourself from writing your name on the rocks or on a tree. If you do so, you’ll harm in few minutes what took mother Nature many years of hard work.


Lava stone Galapagos
Stones of cold lava all around the islands


If you want to take a souvenir home, it’s better if you visit the gift shops around town than taking rocks, stones of cold lava, a jar of sand, some coral or a little plant. Don’t even think about taking an egg or a baby animal in your pants pocket. Not only it’s not allowed on airports and will be taken away from your luggage, but also it’s considered disrespectful of the island itself. Please always respect the Galapagos Ecosystem.


Don’t lose sight of the fact that you have to preserve the Galapagos environment in the same state as it came up to you.




The Islands Governments are trying hard to deal with the garbage caused by the population and travellers. That’s why they established a system to recycle as much as they can. Nowadays in Santa Cruz, for example, more than fifty percent of the litter is being recycled. To make that happen, the residents have to discriminate rubbish into organic and inorganic, so it can receive the suitable treatment in order to preserve the Galapagos Ecosystem.


Galapagos Flamingoes
Flamingos refreshing in the little pond inside Isabela’s city


If you have already eaten your biscuits and want to throw the pack away, keep it with you until you see a dustbin. Don’t put your rubbish in places that you’re not sure are made for waste or throw it on the floor. No way! In case you need to keep some litter with you, bring some plastic bags and keep them in your bag as you go on tour. You never know when you’ll need them.




If you like fishing, you may have thought this would be your true paradise. Well, that won’t happen the way you imagined.


Fishing is a regulated activity and can’t be practiced anywhere you want, there are only several places authorized. But also depends on the season of the year that you visit the islands the type of seafood that it would be available for you to grab.


Galapagos Barracudas


So keep that in mind if you want to have lobster for dinner. It might not be the right time to take trip of your dreams.




Plastic became the most environmentally unfriendly material and the major enemy for animals and natural resources conservation. Not only in the Galapagos Islands, but also around the world.


You’ll find neither plastic straws nor plastic plates or cutlery for your food.


Few lines above we talked about having plastic bags by hand. Well, those will have to be brought within your luggage, because plastic bags usage was banned from the territory for being one of the main reasons of wildlife’s harm.


Galapagos trash beach
Plastic: the worst enemy for enviroment conservation


There still some shops that offer a bag for your purchase, but try not to accept it and keep a backpack always with you to carry your acquisitions.


In response to the same regulation, you’ll find neither plastic straws nor plastic plates or cutlery for your food it helps to protect the Galapagos environment.




Here the most important walkers, and who have priority when crossing the street, are animals. So if you’re on a cab and it suddenly stops, don’t be surprised. It’s possible that an iguana mom would be trying to get to the opposite sidewalk with her son on her back.


Galapagos Marine Iguana
Mom and baby iguana


There are even some signs that advice you that their life is as important as yours, and even more valuable. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a hurry or on a peaceful sightseeing stroll, pedestrian’s priority it’s on their side. Once they are off the street, then you can continue your way by car or bike.



Do everything at your fingertips to preserve this magnificent place and let the wild life be. We have to take care of Nature altogether, because it’s not only animals’ home, but also ours.


Be ready for your next Galapagos Tour and help us to protect the Galapagos Ecosystem Islands.


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