Tips For Starting The Solo Journey
Requiere de cierta confianza en ti mismo.

There is a beginning to everything, even traveling alone, and there is no reason for it to go wrong, as long as you follow these recommendations. Tips for starting the solo journey

Many young travelers frequently ask because they do not know where to start despite their desire to get started. Knowing that this theme is likely to interest more than one, here we share some tips about it.

The first step? The decision of the solo trip must come from you

It is essential for the trip to go smoothly, that this decision is not imposed on you from the outside. Maybe your parents think that it will forge the character. Or even if you want to imitate someone that you admire and reflect on him and not on you. It’s all about yourself. Tips for starting the solo journey

Going alone is not complicated, but it requires a certain self-confidence that comes first and foremost from personal decision-making. The freedom of choice that you yourself have exercised. This is the first step, and it is the most important.

It requires a certain self-confidence.
It requires a certain self-confidence.

How to be sure of wanting to leave? Envy must surpass apprehension

In terms of travel and security, you have to listen a lot. If you do not feel something, interpret that feeling and trust it. Don’t fall into paranoia either. If your apprehension is stronger than your desire to leave, it’s often not the moment. Tips for starting the solo journey

Everything in its time is not because you would like to conceptually do it that you are immediately ready. There are not hundreds of questions to ask yourself. You will know that you are ready once the urge will surpass the fear and the doubts and that it will become obvious. Finally your worries will then be of financial order.

Inquire and organize yourself, but not too much

Knowledge is power. This is a formula that is confirmed on a trip. It is by learning about where you go that you protect yourself the most. Grab some information on corners to avoid, polite phrases, behaviors not recommended, etc. But also that one enriches and integrates quickly, like language, customs, history and beliefs. It is not a question of learning all this, except if you wish, but to assimilate some useful points. Tips for starting the solo journey

For example, when you arrive in a city keep at hand a plan roughly. Such as the neighborhoods, their disposition to each other and the name of the main streets. It’s a bit too much, it’s true, but it’s a way of keeping calm. This does not prevent you from losing yourself but you can gain confidence through that.

Keep at hand a plan roughly.
Keep at hand a plan roughly.

It is also important to organize in advance because it is less stress on the spot. Book when you can your plane or train tickets, your accommodation and even some museums to avoid the crowds. It can take a lot of hours, but it saves time and security of mind once you arrive.

However, doing too much can be counterproductive. Writing a schedule hour by hour of your day may create anxiety instead of reassuring you because you would like to accomplish everything perfectly without leaving room for random desires or meetings.

Tell someone about your itinerary

It’s a simple security measure, but it’s comforting for you and your loved ones alike. Someone must always know where you are. If not your home, at least the city or the neighborhood. In this way, if the contact is lost, there will be a place of research. Or if an event occurs on the spot, your relatives will quickly provide information to the authorities to know if you are affected by them. Prevention is better than cure.

Someone must always know where you are
Someone must always know where you are.

Take the time to discover

You have the chance to travel at your own pace to discover a new place, so enjoy! You are the one who sets the rules. if you want to spend six hours in a museum or brunch in a palace for three hours, no problem.

The great disadvantage of traveling together is the fact of having to compromise on the timetable: what to do and how much time. Here the question does not arise, and we must take advantage of it. There’s no obligation to hurry if it is not your wish. In solo, one has much more time, which justifies that one can explore until satiety or exhaustion. Discover the charm of a Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica, blending timeless design with modern craftsmanship:

Try things

Do not be afraid to experiment on your own. While this does not affect all situations, always refuse what is a danger to your health and safety. But for the rest, break out!

It can mean things you do not dare to do on a daily basis. You may be eating alone, approaching someone to ask for information, dancing at a popular party, singing at karaoke or renting a bike. The solo trip is also that: to surpass oneself and to test one’s limits.

Bring only the bare essentials in your luggage

No need to carry your whole life with you. You will always wear the same two pairs of shoes, that a long skirt so practical will be your best friend and these jeans will never serve you. You do not need computer equipment if you do not work on it, beautiful jewelry that will catch the eye, etc.

 You do not need computer equipment if you do not work on it.
You do not need computer equipment if you do not work on it.

The more you travel, the less you’ll carry. You may start with a suitcase and two bags, and then have only one bag. So do not go through this transition and go straight to the point.

Your documents, a guide, good shoes, what to have warm and comfortable, a dress or a suit to go out, a novel, a camera, medicines and what to wash and hydrate you.

No more need because you will not use it. And then, it’s always less weight!

For you. For the others. A smile always brings something, it’s free and it feels good. Do not be afraid to be nice, you will not attract more attention. If some people see it as only a weakness, it is because they have not understood all the positive things that come with traveling.

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