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Galápagos is composed by many islands and islets, but only a few are allowed to be visited. If you are in this paradise, you can’t miss a spot to watch life in its natural state. Every island has its own charm. You won’t like to miss any of the natural pictures displayed on every place. Galapagos Ferry

That’s why we have so many options to help you travel around the islands and make your trip unforgettable. No matter where you are staying, you’ll be able to take a lift to get where you want.

The main populated ones

The main populated islands are Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal. If you’re trying to travel between them you can’t take the bus like you’ll do on mainland. Instead, you’ll have to take a Galapagos Ferry and lay on the beach a couple of hours later. The ways available are:

Every day small boats depart from de main ports early in the morning and on afternoons. When planning your trip, remember there are only two schedules available. Keep in mind that hese ferries are part of the public transportation between the Islands. So be cautious and buy your ticket in advance to be sure you’ll get a seat on board.


Keep in mind that you have to be at the port 30 minutes before the departure time. First your luggage must be checked. Then take a water taxi that takes you to the actual speedboat.

A key tip is to have a light breakfast before boarding the speedboat. Get a seat near the stern so you don’t get sick.

Islands owned by animals only

Even though there are only a few islands where you can stay overnight, there are others where you can put your feet on, but only for a few hours. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to do during your stay we have the answer to your query. A part from soaking up the sun, of course. Galapagos Ferry

Sea lions everywhere

You can take a day tour from Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island to four different destinations. Once there, you’ll aboard motor yachts.

North Seymour Island

Once you get to Canal Itabaca, you can board a boat to sail two kilometers to North Seymour Island. On Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, you choose.

Blue-footed boobies at North Seymour

Set near Baltra Island, it’s blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds and Galápagos land iguanas’ home. You’ll have the chance to practice snorkeling. You’ll dive with some sea lions or may have to give way to passing marine iguanas that live there.


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Bartolome Island

Once again, you’ll have to get to Canal Itabaca and then board a boat. You’ll sail for almost two hours to reach the Bartolome Island. Galapagos Ferry

Twin bays at Bartolome Island
Twin bays

It’s a volcanic islet placed at the east coast of Santiago Island. It has one of the most incredible views from where you can watch the other islands. Its twin bays are an excellent place to swim.


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South Plaza Island

A boat will leave from Canal Itabaca and sail straight to this 13 hectares island. Galapagos Ferry

Giant land iguanas and near a thousand huge sea lions own the place. It’s a great place to watch Darwin Finches, but not to practice snorkeling. There live a large number of sea lions.

Sea lion near Plaza Sur's shore

Depending on the season of the year you visit the island, you’ll witness the intense green or orange and purple vegetation. A unique landscape.


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Santa Fe

To visit Santa Fe first you’ll have to get to Puerto Ayora. Then take a boat and sail for almost forty minutes. Galapagos Ferry

Its most distinctive characteristic is a dense forest of the largest Opuntia cactus, a giant specimen. The island is surrounded by a bay of turquoise water, so amazing that won’t believe you’re awake.

Santa Fe Iguana

Santa Fe also hosts one particular iguana specie: Santa Fe Iguana or Barrington Land Iguana. It’s not frequently seen on the islands. After your wet landing, many sea lions will be waiting to welcome you by the beach.



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Leaving from San Cristobal

If you are staying in San Cristobal, you’ll also have plenty of adventures waiting for you.

Española’s white sand

Two hours after leaving Puerto Baquerizo Dock, you’ll reach this Birds’ Paradise.

Sea lions laying on the sand
Sea lions laying on the sand

Here you’ll be able to catch sight of one of the most unique birds: the Española Albatross. But not only that, you’ll also find blue-footed boobies, nazca boobies and española iguanas through a two-hour hike. Here there’s no exception and you’ll find sea lions everywhere.

You won’t be able to reject the white sand’s invitation and lay down to feel how the island embraces you.



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Kicker Rock and it sharks

Last but not least, there’s the most impressive attractions from all: Kicker Rock. If this snorkeling trip doesn’t take your breath away, don’t know what will.

A touring guide will wait for you at Puerto Baquerizo Dock early in the morning. Then you’ll sail one hour and a half towards Kicker Rock.

Kicker Rock

From the above, you can tell it takes its attraction from two imposing rock walls. But the magic’s kept underneath. Away from any calm beach snorkel experience, Kicker Rock’s one of the most bio-diverse spots in Galapagos. Once you’re underwater you’ll realize why its called “the hot spot”. Hammerhead sharks, sea lions, manta rays, colorful fish and sea lions will become your swimming company.

For sure, this will become your favourite activity while you reminisce your trip on your way home.


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After a long way to the archipelago it worths finding out the charm that’s kept far away from inhabit islands. Give a chance and you won’t regret.

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