Galapagos Lonely Planet hiding so many facts and secrets inside
Galapagos Lonely Planet

The Galapagos Islands are one of their kinds. Galapagos lonely planet there is no other place on earth that is home to such enormous natural beauty and many different types of animals found here.

This is the reason that people around the world are now looking out for an opportunity to take up a Trip to the Galapagos Islands.

This group of islands located off the west coast of the mainland Ecuador is a place that has a number of hidden facts that are slowly being revealed as time passes by.

The islands are vast and contain dense forests that seem to look like an entirely new planet that one may be visiting for the first time.

There are many known and unknown facts about these islands that people are eager to know. With the mixed traditions of Spanish and English being one of the most important facts the islands in this group are named in both these languages.

Have you known that the name Galapagos itself is a Spanish word meaning “saddle”? It was first used by Bishop Tomas and his crew mainly to describe the giant tortoise found here.

But later the entire group of Islands was named the “Galapagos Islands”. Few more facts about these islands that people might rarely know are:

The islands were first discovered by the Bishop of Panama, Fray Tomas Le Berlanga in the year 1535.

Charles Darwin, a famous scientist first visited these islands in September 1835. It was his stay over the islands that inspired him to state the “Theory of Evolution”.

In the year 1959, all the uninhabited areas over the islands were declared to be under the Galapagos National park by the Ecuadorian government.

THE Darwin Research Station on the island of Santa Cruz was officially inaugurated in 1964.

It was in the year 1978 that the Galapagos Islands were declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was after this that the islands became even more famous and people started flocking towards them.

The Galapagos Islands were a home to the largest tortoise “Lonesome George” who was the only surviving giant Pinta Tortoise. He was estimated to be about 90 years old and was relocated to the Charles Darwin Research Station before he died in June 2012.

Have you heard about a lizard swimming across the oceans? The marine Iguanas that are found over the Galapagos Islands are the only Lizards present on earth that swim!

The Galapagos Islands are known for the presence of giant tortoises that live there. But, the cormorants that are found on the islands have grown to a large extent and are the only species of cormorants that cannot fly.

Have you heard of a centipede being about 30 centimeters long? The scolopendra centipede found on the Galapagos Islands is that long and their food includes lava lizards and young rats. Isn’t it surprising to know that a centipede can eat rats!

Do you know that the Islands have been confluence at the presence of 5 ocean currents? The mixed currents of the Equatorial, Humboldt, Cromwell and the Panama result in different temperatures and unpredictable tides. This union of currents has resulted in the presence of a completely new ecology.

Something more about the ocean? Yes! The Galapagos Islands have about 400+ species of fish swimming around them. This is a huge number that can only be found here. Among these there are about 50 species that are endemic to the islands and cannot be found elsewhere.

The Galapagos Islands are a home to Penguins and lizards on the same land. It is a rare thing that can be seen elsewhere in the world.

It is a place where one can do into the deep waters and take a closer look at the marine life. If he is lucky enough, he will also be playing with penguins and sea lion pups around him.

Being a far off place where wildlife is given utmost importance, the Galapagos Islands are a home to animals that are unaware of dangers and thus are quite unaffected while a human being passes by.

Apart from the nature that is present in a larger amount, the geographical conditions that have formed the land and sea here make the place most suitable for activities such as hiking, snorkeling, biking and much more.

The list of such facts and secrets would go on! In fact there are a number of secrets that are yet to be revealed. You might quite often come across news that states that there is something new that is found on the islands.

Nature Galapagos & Ecuador makes sure that they make use of each of these facts and secrets to help people explore the island more closely.

The Galapagos Island Tour packages are among the ones that have been in great demand due to the inclusion of the most important activities and experiences that every tourist would want to experience on these islands.

We make sure that everyone who visits these islands is given a warm welcome, has the best experience that he would have ever imagined and takes back home some beautiful memories for a life time.

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